World Bank Legal Internship Program 2022

World Bank Legal Internship Program 2022

World Bank Legal Vice Presidency (LEGPVU) is one of the Internship platforms that the World Bank Uses to provide Law students of member Nations. The opportunity of contributing to the numerous Legal operations in which the World Bank is involved. With many entries every year, World Bank has been able to afford Law students the opportunity of building their careers while contributing to a common global cause.

As a result, we at Apply for a Job strongly recommend this Internship Jobs for Law students that are searching for How to get an Internship at the World Bank, World Bank Internship Reddit, World Bank Summer Internship Program 2022/2023, or Internship opportunities for law students.

Job Title: World Bank Legal Internship Program

Location: Nigeria

Job Field: Internship

Description of this World Bank Internship 2022 Plus Why You Should Apply

  • Firstly, the Legal Intern is in close association with the LEGPVU team. Will assist in providing the legal assistance needed in the organization’s day-to-day activities.
  • World Bank is an international financial institution that funds huge financial projects in member countries. Having an Internship program with them is just the right step one needs to enhance and sharpen their skills in the legal field.
  • World Bank Legal Internship Program is one of the Internship opportunities for law students. That provides a platform for law interns to access mentoring and coaching from international legal experts.
  • Experience gathered from this World Bank Legal Internship Program. Will go a long way in adding to the law intern’s profile building which is very essential to thrive in the legal field.
  • There are only a few International Legal Jobs in Nigeria that offers high incentives and welfare packages that interns. As a result of doing working World Bank Jobs.
  • This World Bank recruitment for Interns in Nigeria 2022 for law Interns affords one the opportunity of making an extra income while still schooling.
  • Under close supervision of superiors, Interns would be deeply involved in legal preceding at the organization.
  • Interns would also be given the opportunity to attend high-profile World Bank events and seminars during this Internship program.
  • Also, contacts made during the Internship program might just give one the opportunity of getting an International Legal Job, after the Internship Program.
  • Unlike some other Internship Jobs in Nigeria where some level of experience is needed to qualify. This one at the World Bank requires no level of experience before you can apply.
  • These World Bank Internship Jobs are only for Law students that are currently studying law in a recognized institution.
  • Secondly, Interns must be citizens of IBRD member Nations. Before they can be enrolled for this Legal counsel Job in Nigeria at World Bank.
  • In addition, fluency in English is among the core requirements for this World Bank Legal Internship Program.
  • Aside from English, Interns that can speak Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, French, or Russian languages fluently. Stands a higher advantage of getting these International Jobs.
  • Lastly, if you have done similar Internship Jobs in Nigeria, experience from it would be very much useful for this program.

How to Apply for a Job at World Bank

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  1. Apply via the organization’s recruitment portal

    Above all, interested Interns who have read the recruitment requirements and wish to apply. Should proceed to the recruitment portal: and apply.

    For more information, visit

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