Work and Training in the USA for People that Speak English – Free Accommodation

Job specializations:

  • Hospitality
    Hospitality Internship
  • Hotel Work
    Hotel Front Desk, Hotel Management, Porter

Position:  Front Desk/Bell Person

We are in search of qualified; Front Desk, Bell Person/Greeter candidates for a well-known hotel in San Antonio, Texas. All positions are paid.

About Us
The mission for International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc., is to recruit highly qualified candidates and coordinate their placements with quality and professional organizations. We will assist in all necessary paperwork and visa process.

International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc., offers the following programs:
Trainee Program: J-1 visa up to 18 months
This program is open to international university students and graduates who want to train in their professional field to gain valuable, professional experience in the USA.
Work & Travel Program: J-1 visa up to 4 months
This is an exchange program that assists candidates to come to America during your summer break.
Optional Practical Training: F-1 visa up to 12 months
The optional practical training program places international students in training positions related to your major field of study.

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Position Requirements

High School,   3 to 4 Years of work experience

To QUALIFY for a Management and/or Front Line Traineeship in the USA you must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Must possess sufficient English language skills to successfully complete the Traineeship.
3. Must show a maturity level and personality adequate to participate and benefit from this International experience.

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There are two programs under the J1 visa. The main difference is how you qualify. Please see below the difference:

To qualify for Traineeship:
Graduates of degree or certificate-granting post-secondary institution with one year of work experience outside the US OR
Non-graduates with five years of work experience outside the US.

To qualify for the Internship Program:
Current students enrolled in a degree or certificate-granting post-secondary institution outside the US OR
Recent graduates from a degree or certificate-granting post-secondary institution who will begin within 12 months of graduating.
*** Experience and Education needs to be in the same field as the Training/Internship program.

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The application method will be updated here when the opportunity becomes available, now you can’t apply.

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    • So happy to be with your staff as moroccan who speak 3 languages : arabic,french,english and some of spanish

  1. This site is good, getting related post about online courses for syudy, job opportunities and many others makes it interesting

  2. This site is good, getting related post about online courses for study, job opportunities and many others makes it interesting

  3. I am a graduate from languages and Translation school and I want to apply to work and training in the USA for people that speak English

  4. Hi ,I would like to apply for this posted job of a front desk managerin the hotel in San -Antonio but i can not see the apply online box as stated

  5. I’m seeking for this opportunity from the above institution to do mathematics and Physics as a courses for me. I’m a Liberian seeking for this opportunity. I’m high school graduate and a prospective graduate of LiCOSSES Mobile Teacher Training College in Liberia. I will appreciate you if my name can be selected as one of those successful candidate. Contacts +2310779037095/+2310881320272.


  7. Monrovia, Liberia
    Dear, Mr.President
    I’m please to apply for this Scholarship because I’m a 23 years old Liberian and a high school graduate from the G.W.GIBSON high school Monrovia, Liberia.
    I’m willing to set at your convening time for any interview
    Contact; 0778368181

  8. I have ever prayed and hope for hope for this opportunity to come and I believe this is the time the Lord have kept for me.I am a Cameroonian of age 22an undergraduate

  9. Good morning sir/ names are Kama Raphael,I’m a CAMEROONIAN from the southern Amazonian.i wish to thank the almighty president of UAS for the great opportunity for us the africans to come over to study..I am greatful for the line open and i continue to pray for long life.

  10. I will be very happy to be giving an opportunity to study or work abroad. Because of this honourable opportunity many young people will be giving an opportunity to travel abroad which is a very good and lovely opportunity for all.

  11. I’m from mettu university Ethiopia and I’m a management 2d year student and also I’m really interested in this scholarship

  12. Am a Ghanaian and wish to further my Education in USA . How can I apply it through a proper channels. Am by the name Moro Mohammed.

  13. Greetings
    Am a young orphan Black lady living with my young brothers in Tanzania. I would like to request the fall of this opportunity to my hand so that I can manage to take care o my young brothers .I hope that your plans fall to me for the betterment of my brothers.

  14. am sitotaw Tadese
    I am certified by sport science degree.and yet I have 5 years experience in teaching. I wanna join your scholar opportunity in masters like exercise physiology and sport medicine.

  15. I am Amase Solomon from Nigeria I am interested and seriously in need of such opportunity, I here by apply as an applicant.


  16. I am a Liberian. Age31 a college drop out due to financial constraint. Can i please be one of the lucky winner of this golden opportunity .

  17. Dear Sir/Ma
    Thanks alot really appreciate the wonderful opportunity
    My name is Dorothy Mettle from Ghana I am interested in the scholarship in one of the above mension countries florida Goegia thanks and i hope my application will meet your
    Needs hope to hear from you soon.

  18. Dear sir/madam. I firstly want to appreciate you for such a unique opportunity given to we the youth of Africa. My name is Michael Brown from Liberia, I’m interested in the wonderful scholarship given by you.and i wish to take any mansion states. Please i hope my application will meet your needs. I hope to hear from you very soon Thank.i wish myself good luck. Contact: 231880405027 or 231778768406.

  19. I am a twenty four year old Ghanaian who have acquired Diploma in Basic Education from one of the pubic universities in my country. I am interested in educating others.I have three years work experience in teaching early grade and junior high students. I wish to have further study in the USA

  20. sekou cherif am i need jobs in USA or Canada please your help me i need jobs i am Draver . plack African Guinne conakry . Email : +224655581063

  21. I am Rwandan citizen,I am very keen on this opportunity and my dreams of living in USA.if you afford me this opportunity, it will be invariable stake of my whole lives in this world.Thanks.

  22. Eu sou moçambicano de 23 anos, careço de uma bolsa de estudos para um dia em que pode desenvolver a comunidade e ajudar outros estudantes com problemas financeiras

  23. Eu sou moçambicano de 23 anos, careço de uma bolsa estudos para um dia desenvolver a comunidade africana e ajudar outros estudantes com problemas financeiras.

  24. I Am a Young Ethiopian am by applying for the scholarship in USA at the above mentioned university
    Your response will be highly appreciated


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