Why You May Not Get Interviews After Applying for a Job

Why You May Not Get Interviews After Applying for a Job: Companies might not call you for interviews if Your CV looks like a Battleground/not well organised, If you Downloaded Sample Formats from the Internet, If you Wrote your CV with a mobile phone or Your CV isn’t tailored to any Job Role.

Hi guys, I am back again, and I am that Human Resource Specialist with more than 10 years experience. I am here to continue giving insider tips on what goes on at the back-end after we’ve received thousands of applications from zealous job seekers.

Have you ever had an experience like this?

– You see a job role you are well qualified for.

– Then you decide to apply.

– You pick your CV and quickly fill out the necessary details on the job search form.

– You scribble down some words as your cover letter.

– Then you click the send button and check your Email every day, hoping to get a call back – yet nothing happens.

In most cases, the job advert might have come with a lucrative salary, and you wouldn’t want to be left out. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and yet you hear nothing from the advertisers of the job. Boom!!! Game over for you on that job.

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This same thing happens to you on other job adverts, and you assume that you are under attack from your village kindred. This might be the last time I will tell you this, so make sure you take action.

I will show you several reasons why you don’t get interviews after submitting your applications. It might be simple to you, but you should find a way to fix it ASAP.

Your CV looks like a Battleground

When I mean battleground, I mean it literally. Most simply don’t know how to write a CV; and instead of employing the services of a professional CV writer, they go ahead to just write that way.

You don’t play trial and error with something as important as your CV which is your professional personality on paper. Writing of CV should have a very clear format with specific procedures.

When I pick up a CV, there are certain areas I look out for. If I can’t capture it within the first 5 secs, I drop the CV so fast. This might actually be one of the reasons why you don’t get interviews after your job applications.

Downloading Sample Formats from the Internet

The same format you are about downloading has been downloaded by several other users. These same users will apply for the same job – in most cases, and we Human Resource Managers will get the same CV format from several people.

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So remember; before you check up on Google, other people have done the same and the same format is getting saturated.

Writing your CV with a mobile phone

If you don’t have a laptop to help draft your CV, I encourage you to get someone to help you do it. Unless you’re confortable getting a job as a bar man, then you should stop reading and focus on other things.

No Human Resource Manager opens a CV with his phone. The truth is that when you format a CV with a mobile phone, the layout comes out completely haggard when viewed from a computer.

N.B: Please don’t ask a cyber café girl to help you design a CV; they have little or no idea of the 7-seconds rule of crafting a CV. I suggest you employ the services of a professional to help you to do justice to it.

Your CV isn’t tailored to any Job Role

Most times when I pick up CVs from my desk to scrutinize, I see CVs that has more than 7 job roles in it. When you do this, it simply means one thing; “You don’t come out as a professional in any career sector.” And unless you are pretty luck, no one would send you an invite for an interview.

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You should be a master of a job sector in your CV, that make you come out as a pro in the eyes of employers.

Here is a quick question: “Would you hire a jack of all trade for an important position, or an expert in such position?” Your answer is as good as mine. The same way you feel are exactly the same way employers feel when they see such a resume.

Getting interview invites should be the least worries of any job seeker. But if your Professional Personality (CV) isn’t good looking, you may have a hard time scaling through. I have written and I have seen exceptional CVs, and I believe you deserve one.

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