UNIDO Jobs in Ethiopia | UNIDO Recruitment Portal

UNIDO Jobs in Ethiopia | UNIDO Recruitment Portal

With the main aim of alleviating poverty in the most deprived regions in the world, the United Nations Development Organization [UNIDO] was set up to assist developing nations in their drive to speed up development in their regions. However, through technical expertise and funding, the UNIDO has been able to contribute to a very large extent towards the development of countries that are member nations of the UN.

To clarify, we are happy to inform interested persons that recruitment has commenced for UNIDO Jobs in Ethiopia. As a result, we advise you to apply for theses Jobs if you have been on the search for NGO Jobs in Ethiopia, UN Jobs in Ethiopia, International NGO Jobs in Ethiopia 2021, or Humanitarian Jobs in Ethiopia.

Why You Should Apply for this UNIDO Jobs in Ethiopia

  • Firstly, if you are employed to work for UNIDO you are automatically a United Nations staff. Which exposes you to a wide range of career opportunities.
  • UNIDO is an international organization. Therefore, both salary and conditions of work are to the best of international standards.
  • As a big organization be rest assured that the training, materials, and resources one needs to advance his knowledge of humanitarian works in Ethiopia would be made available by UNIDO.
  • By virtue of you being a UNIDO worker, you are also entitled to company-sponsored seminars, training, and foreign trips.
  • Working this International NGO Jobs in Ethiopia 2021 will give one sense of contribution to societal development.
  • Further, a good number of UNIDO staff are entitled to official cars, apartments, and other allowances while working in the organization. Though it comes down to the level of your position there.
  • UNIDO Jobs in Ethiopia are not discriminatory as everybody is given equal opportunity of applying provided you meet up to requirements.
  • Lastly, UNIDO also has space for some NGO Jobs in Ethiopia for fresh graduates.

List of Available Jobs at UNIDO IN Ethiopia

Jobs Title: National Creative Hub Coordinator

Location: Ethiopia

Job Field: NGO / Community Services

Eligibility/Requirements for the Position of National Creative Hub Coordinator

  • Firstly, UNIDO is looking for an individual with the creative acumen and administrative skills, needed to steer activities of the Hub.
  • When selected, the Applicant will come up with an implementable plan on how best to source funding and prepare budgets for the hub’s activities.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, the UNIDO recruitment portal will only validate Applications of B.sc/ M.sc/MA holders in fields related to this UN Job in Ethiopia.
  • You are also qualified to apply if you have experience in doing Project Management Jobs in Ethiopia.
  • Moreover, sound leadership and developmental skills.
  • Accountability and self-independence to work.

Job Title: National Creative Hub Administrator

Location: Ethiopia

Job Field: NGO / Community Services

Conditions for the Position of National Creative Hub Administrator

  • Due to it being a sensitive position, Candidates must be those that can show a high level of professionalism and commitment to the cause of UNIDO.
  • Secondly, the employee must be actively involved in budget preparation and analysis.
  • Officials in charge of the recruitment also hinted that when one is selected for this UNIDO Job in Ethiopia. The person will also be integrally involved in the sensitization and organization of seminars in the organization.
  • Only University graduates, Masters’s degree holders precisely are the most welcome to apply.
  • Also, ensure you have at least 3 years of experience in doing Jobs related to this one at UNIDO before visiting the UNIDO recruitment portal to apply.
  • Additionally, you must be a legal resident in Ethiopia before applying for this UN Job in Ethiopia.

Job Title: Creative Hub Communication Expert

Location: Ethiopia

Job Field: NGO / Community Services

National Creative Hub Communication Expert Job Requirements at UNIDO

  • The Hub communication expert will assist in handling the Public Relationship image of the organization along with team members.
  • Will ensure proper facilitation of partnership with sister collaborative agencies and organizations.
  • Will lead in-house training of those that came for UN Internship in Ethiopia.
  • The call to apply is open to only University graduates of recognized institutions in Ethiopia.
  • Excellent organizational and Managerial skill
  • Proven length of experience in doing to administrative Jobs in Ethiopia
  • UNIDO recruitment portal will not validate Applications of fugitives for this current Job in Addis Ababa.

How to Apply for a Job at UNIDO

  1. Apply via the recruitment portal

    Interested persons who have gone through the recruitment portal and wish to apply should proceed to the Application portal: www.unido.org and apply.

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