UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia 2021 | Latest UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia

UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia 2021 | Latest UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is the humanitarian arm of the United Nations dedicated to saving lives and providing succour to the most vulnerable ones in society. However, since it commenced operations it has been able to contribute a lot to the reduction of sufferings faced by the most unfortunate ones in the society. It has an operational base in many parts of the world especially Africa. Through the help of sister agencies and government of host countries UNHCR has continued to impact positively in the lives of many Africans.

Today, we are happy to inform our readers that recruitment for the latest UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia has commenced. Therefore, it will benefit you if you have a passion for Humanitarian Jobs in Ethiopia. Additionally, Ethiopians searching for NGO Jobs in Ethiopia, UN Jobs in Ethiopia, UNHCR Driver Jobs in Ethiopia, or NGO Internships in Ethiopia should apply.

To make our readers understand more, we have outlined some facts about UNHCR Jobs Candidates should know. Read below for clarity and better understanding.

What You Should Know About UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is an affiliate of the UN. It is only present in UN member Nations. However, on some occasions they extend their humanitarian aids to non-member nations. They are funded by international donor agencies and institutions mostly, member countries.

It makes up a good number of international aid Ethiopia receives. The government also lends in their support. Most of the unskilled Jobs at UNHCR in Ethiopia are taken up by locals. The agency also creates room for internships. And have trained many Ethiopians in different skills and empowered a good number of youths. Also, their workforce amounts to a good portion of NGO Jobs in Ethiopia.

Additionally, they conduct sensitization on health, economy, agriculture, and education especially to rural dwellers. UNHCR is also an integral part of Ethiopia’s social mobilization movement. Help getting to rural homes in Ethiopia has been made possible by UNHCR.

Why You Should Apply for this UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia

  • Transparent Application process.
  • Equal opportunity for all eligible persons.
  • Good work conditions.
  • Access to international work experience especially for those interested in NGO Internships in Ethiopia.
  • This Latest UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia is among the highest paying UN Jobs in Ethiopia.
  • The welfare of workers is always a top priority at UNHCR.
  • To make the recruitment easy, the length of experience might not be required.
  • UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia 2021 is for passionate individuals.
  • Gives one a sense of contribution to societal good.

List of Aailable UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia 2021

Job Title: Associate Administrative Officer

Location: Ethiopia

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Recruitment Requirements for Associate Administrative Officer Role

  • Interested persons must have a minimum of 3 year work experience.
  • Secondly, the job is made for only degree holders.
  • Anyone that have acquired a Doctorate degree, will stand better chances of getting this job.
  • This vacancy is for an individual can be very punctual to work.

Job: PRIME Business Analyst

Location: Ethiopia

Field: NGO / Community Services

Requirement for the Position of Business Analyst at UNHCR

  • Firstly, UNHCR is looking for a qualified Ethiopian that can help in the agency’s food distribution management.
  • Applicants must be of sound moral principles.
  • Thirdly, food storage and everything related to PRIME would be undertaken by the Applicant.
  • Will write down reports and notes of activities in his unit.
  • The PRIME Business Analyst is responsible for supporting all activities related to the rollout of proGres v4 across the operation.
  • If you have any training certificate in areas related to this Job you can apply with it.
  • At least, 5 years’ experience as announced by UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia 2021 officials.
  • Additionally, apply if you have computer knowledge.
  • You can also apply if you have done WFP Jobs in Ethiopia.
  • Lastly, the ability to speak multiple languages would be an additional advantage.

Job: Driver

Location: Ethiopia

Field: NGO / Community Services

UNHCR Requirements for the Position of Driver

  • This vacancy is for experienced drivers
  • Secondly, selected persons will document the operational activities of the vehicles.
  • This Latest UNHCR Jobs in Ethiopia is for legal residents.
  • Must have at least 2 years of experience doing similar transport and logistics Job in Ethiopia.
  • In addition, the UNHCR Driver Jobs in Ethiopia are very competitive that is why you must have additional qualities to be at an advantage.
  • Also, a driving license is compulsory along with a certificate of fitness.
  • Conduct periodic vehicle checks and maintenance.

How to Apply for a Job at UNHCR

  1. Apply through the recruitment portal

    Interested persons should visit the recruitment portal below and apply.

    Associate Administrative Officer – Apply Here
    Driver – Apply Here
    Business Analyst – Apply Here

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