Texas Tech University Scholarships USA 2020 | Texas Tech Scholarships for International Students

Texas Tech University Scholarships USA 2020 | Texas Tech Scholarships for International Students

Texas Tech University is one of the reputable research and tech Universities in the USA located in Lubbock USA. It boasts of cutting edge facilities and research tools with a team of world-class professionals and scientists. Due to the high standard set at the Institution, their admission slots are keenly contested for the same thing applies for Texas Tech Scholarships for International students in the USA.

If you have been looking for how to get admission into Texas Tech University or how to win Scholarships for Texas University then our update today will be of good benefit to you. Before we proceed we shall be highlighting some important facts about the university for interested persons to have a background knowledge of the institution.

Facts Candidates Should Know About Texas University.

TTU apart from being one the best technology schools in the USA has other facts candidates and interested persons should know.

  • There are over 150 courses one can major in at Texas University.
  • It has a record-breaking endowment fund of over $1.3 billion making it one of the highly funded public Universities in the United State of America.
  • Though it majors in Technology. Texas University courses also comprises of Law, Medical Sciences and Social Science fields.
  • It accepts admission from international students across the globe desiring scholarships for Texas University in USA.
  • Texas Tech University Scholarships USA 2020 spreads across Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral programs.
  • It has an alumni that boasts of technocrats and top business leaders.
  • It has over 2000 faculties with sub-departments and programs.
  • TTU establishment dates as far back as 1923 with Texas Tech University System as the parent institution.
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List of Available Texas Tech Scholarships for International Students

Based on research done by our team here and resources gathered from industry experts here are lists of Texas Tech Presidential Scholarship 2020.

Texas Tech Freshman Presidential Scholarship: This very TTU Scholarship is for High School graduates that have gained provisional admission into Texas Tech University. It is also available for international students as Africans searching for Texas Tech Scholarships for International Students are most welcome to apply. The recipients will only get to pay just 50% of the tuition as the remaining would be taken care of by the institution

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As disclosed by the school officials, non-resident of Texas in the US will receive additional benefits if they get accepted for this Scholarship in the USA for international students. Texas Tech freshman Scholarships are based mainly on academic achievement.

Proven Achievers Scholarship: One unique aspect about this very Texas Tech University Scholarships 2020 is that candidates can access it as transfer students. With up $13,000 in scholarship funding candidates are sure of resolving their university tuition issues when accepted for this scholarship. However, you are expected to have covered 12 hours per semester and have an average of 3.25 during your stay at the TTU before you can apply for this TTU scholarship in USA.

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Eligibility/Requirements for Texas Tech Scholarships for International Students

  • Must have gained provisional admission in Texas University USA.
  • All academic points and grades required for the Scholarship must be met before you can apply.
  • Only those with CGPA in the region of 3.0 and above can be allowed to sit for the Scholarship tests.
  • Ensure you have at least 30 TTU hours per year before applying for Texas Tech competitive scholarship.
  • Additionally, recommendations would also be needed as the case may be for this TTU Scholarship 2020 in USA.
  • Costa Rica students at TTU are however exempted from the programs of this Scholarship.
  • Recipients will also have to write Texas Tech Presidential Scholarship thank you letter upon acceptance for the Scholarship.
  • Texas Tech Presidential Scholarship 2020 is very competitive you must be a student of sound academic record to stand a good chance of getting this scholarship.

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