Steps To Take N-Power Recruitment 2017 Assessment Test Successfully

Steps To Take N-Power Recruitment 2017/2018 Assessment Test Successfully

The N-Power selection will be done in phases nationwide. During which the assessment test which comprises of Quantitative Reasoning, General Knowledge and other questions testing basic knowledge of English will be conducted. Please note that the questions will depend on the programme you applied for.

N/B: The N-Power Online Tests can be taken using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer provided that these devices have an internet connection.

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How to Write N-power Assessment Test

Once you receive an SMS to write your test, follow the steps below.
1. You will receive an SMS to write the assessment tests because you BVN records match your application.
2. Proceed to the website 
3. Click on Test Menu
4. Log in with your phone number and BVN

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N-power Assessment Timetable

  • N-Power Tax -> July 1st – 3rd 2017
  • N-Power Health -> July 4th – 6th 2017
  • N-Power Agro -> July 7th – 10th 2017
  • N-Power Tax -> July 11th – 21st 2017

To start your npower test / assessment, visit 

Note: Applicants who register between July 1st – July 13th will write their assessment tests between July 25th – July 31st.

The site for test assessment is 

Applicants who register between July 1st – July 13th will write their assessment tests between July 25th – July 31st.

This is the breakdown of the Timetable

Date Programme Name Applicants with Last Name (Surname) Beginning with….
1st July N-Power Tax Q, Z, V, W, R, H, Y, P, L, F, G  K and T
2nd July N-Power Tax D, J, C, B, N, U, S, M,and I
3rd July N-Power Tax E, O and A
4th July N-Power Health I, E, S, U, N, B, C, J, D, and G
5th July N-Power Health T, K, Y, H, F, L, R, P, W, V, Z, Q, and X
6th July N-Power Health M, O and A
7th July N-Power Agro A and M
8th July N-Power Agro I, E and O
9th July N-Power Agro S, U, N, B, J, C and D
10th July N-Power Agro T, K, G, Y, H, F, L, P, R, W, V, and Z
11th July N-Power Teach H, F, L, R, P, W, V, Z, Q and X
12th July N-Power Teach G, K, and Y
13th July N-Power Teach D, C and T
14th July N-Power Teach J and N
15th July N-Power Teach B and U
16th July N-Power Teach E
17th July N-Power Teach O
18th July N-Power Teach I
19th July N-Power Teach M
20th July N-Power Teach S
21st July N-Power Teach A
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Only those who whose BVN records matches their will be invited for the 2017 N-Power Assessment and Screening Test

Note that the N-Power Job Recruitment is still on and all the applicants that will register from 1st – 13th July, 2017 will write their Assessment and Screening test from 25th – 31st July, 2017

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  1. Good morning blog, please I registered for the Npower health scheme in June and your post indicates that this that registered from July 1-13 will write their assessment test. What of those that registered before July when will they do the assessment test? Because have not received any sms and my name corresponds with my bvn. Please reply me as soon as possible.

  2. why most of those that apply for N. power Health the not receive sms and the when to computer Centre for the test and the are not allowed to write the test, the computer is saying that ” inverlid Bvn no ” what is problem pls.

  3. Please, kindly notify us If everyone qualify to write the test must receive an SMS as regards the Date they are to write their own test or they can decide to log on to write the test any time they wish provided it falls within the period scheduled for their group to write.

  4. N-power Nigeria,please i did not received any mail and i suppose to write my assessment test today .Please what should i do. My name is Nicodemus Ijong B.(npower teach) GSM 08066183690 , email

  5. NICODEMUS IJONG B.Please i didn’t see any mail in regards to the on going npower assessment test. What should i do.


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