Six Things All Newly Admitted Students Should Know

Six Things All Newly Admitted Students Should Know

It is not just about gaining admission, it’s about being focused, doing well academically, and graduating with good grades. It has been discovered that most students, once offered admission tend to forget the reason they are in school. They allow themselves to be carried away with frivolities that are associated with the campus environment.

If you are a fresher, then this could help your successful stay in school.

1. Firstly, do not see going to school as an opportunity to leave the house or freedom to do whatever you wish. You will end up allowing only the school to pass through you or maybe withdrawing from school as a result of too many carryovers or expulsion.

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2. Once you get to school, try to identify the school/department’s DO’s and DON’Ts, with that, you will be able to abide by the rules and regulations to avoid any form of penalty.

3. Do your best to undergo the screening process as soon as possible to avoid missing classes in the cause of trying to be screened.

4. As a fresher, you have the opportunity to choose the kind of friends to hang around with, the friends you make have roles to play in your academic performance and your life generally. So choose your friends wisely.

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5. You will be invited to several parties which might be held in or outside the school. You can attend the relevant once but do not allow it to become a habit or a form of distraction.

6. Lastly, try to know the names of your lecturers and the courses they teach, attend all classes, make sure you listen attentively during a lecture, ask questions where you are confused, do all assignments/practicals, and buy all textbooks if necessary, go through what you were taught each day and you will see yourself needing little or no efforts preparing for an exam.

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