See The Wisest Way To Answer This Job Interview Question: What Salary Are You Seeking?

See The Wisest Way To Answer This Job Interview Question: What Salary Are You Seeking?

Although most of the questions brought up in a job interview are asked to see if you would work well within the company climate, some practical questions may get asked as well such as: “What salary are you seeking”

The amount of money you will be making is obviously important. The employer knows that you want a fair salary that will compensate you well for the work you will be doing. However, this question is asked specifically to verify a couple things. First, the interviewer wants to see that you are actually interested in the work you will be doing. Second, the interviewer wants to make sure that the amount of money you are seeking is not out of range for what they are willing to pay.

Points to Emphasize

There are various ways to answer this question to show you would be an asset to the organization regardless of how much you are getting paid.

  • Give a salary range as opposed to a single figure
  • Do research beforehand to know what other people in this position are making
  • Reiterate your desire to work with this company and this line of work
  • Sidestep the question if it is asked too early in an interviewYou want to give a salary that is indicative of your skills and experiences, but giving a salary estimate that is too high could put you out of the running for the job.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This question has a tendency to trip up a lot of interviewees, so avoid making these common errors.

    • Don’t give a salary that is too high or too low
  • Avoid saying that money is not important to you (the interviewer will know you are lying)
  • Don’t bring up salary and benefits unless the interviewer mentions them first
  • Don’t make it seem like the salary you are asking for is iron-cladIt is important to appear flexible in a job interview, so when discussing salary, mention that you are willing to negotiate your exact salary if offered the position.

    Sample Answer

    Talking about salary can be tricky in an interview, so frame your answer like this:

    I am looking for a salary between $60,000 and $70,000 a year. However, I am flexible, and I would be willing to talk about salary in more detail if offered the position. More than anything, I’m really invested in this line of work and would love to work with this company.

    You should use the interview to talk about how qualified you are for the position, and if you are the best person for the job, an employer should be more than willing to give you a fair salary.

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