Safaricom Internship Program 2021/2022 | Safaricom Attachment Opportunities 2021/2022

Our update today is for you if you have been on the search for Safari attachment opportunities 2021/2022, Safaricom attachment vacancies, Safaricom attachment opportunities for 2021/2022, or Attachment opportunities in Safaricom. It will also be of immense benefit for those looking for how to get into the Safaricom Internship Program.

We were also able to source the category of people eligible for Safaricom attachment opportunities. As well as how best to best to apply. Go through the details below for more info.

Safaricom Attachment Opportunities 2021/2022

With years of experience in the Telecom and IT sector, Safaricom has grown to become one of Kenyan biggest Telecom giants. Providing multi-dimensional telecom services in the country. The company has also been at the forefront of many digitized innovations in the Kenyan technology sector.

Apart from the services Safaricom has been able to provide job opportunities to many young and eligible Kenyans. Thereby boosting the economic growth of the country. Safaricom Jobs range from a different level of qualification such that no matter the level of experience there is always a Safaricom Job for one.

Additionally, through Safaricom Attachment Opportunities graduates and students are trained in different Safaricom careers pertaining to their field of study. Safaricom attachment vacancies remain one of the numerous ways the company engages young productive minds in the company. Those selected are grouped into a team and provided with a mentor that puts them through some rudiments pertaining to their selected field.

Furthermore, the recruitment process for attachment opportunities in Safaricom promises to be transparent allowing everyone equal opportunity. The whole idea is to invest in young energetic minds equip them with skills and allow them to explore their innovative self while also appreciating their efforts with incentives. The company believes in the power the youths wield and provides them with the opportunity of getting ahead in life through Safaricom Attachment Opportunities 2021.

Safaricom Internship Program 2021/2022 in Kenya is actually one of the most sought after IT Internship opportunities in Kenya. Because they employ world-class professionals and business experts in what they do.

Why You Should Apply for Safaricom Internships

  • Opportunity to gain industry experiences while also getting paid.
  • Get mentored by accomplished experts and business leaders.
  • It equally adds a boost to one’s portfolio.
  • You can also have your ideas pitched for people that can invest in them.
  • Opportunity to meet up with like-minds and share ideas.
  • The company can also decide to retain those that performed exceptionally.
  • No payment before one can apply for Safaricom Internship Program 2021/2022.

Roles and Requirements for this Safaricom Industrial Attachment Opportunities

  • Provide needed assistance to the superiors while also making suggestions on how best to reach set out objectives.
  • Secondly, Applicants should have the zeal and Willingness to learn.
  • Good team spirit.
  • Officials recruiting for attachments at Safaricom demands applicants must be students in their penultimate year in the university or fresh graduates of not less than a year.
  • We were also made to understand that students can also apply for these attachment opportunities in Nairobi.
  • Though no level of experience is needed ideas from previous IT attachments in Kenya remain an advantage.
  • Good communication skills.

How to Apply for a Job at Safaricom

  1. Apply through the recruitment portal

    Above all, Applicants should submit their application through the Safaricom Internship application portal:

    When you open this Kenya Safaricom job application web page. The next thing you should do is to carefully go through the page and locate the how to Apply section. Which will lead you to the Internship application webpage.

Lastly, the Apply for a Job team is happy to inform you that the application for this Safaricom Internship Program 2021/2022 is completely free. That is to say, that you should not pay anyone in other to fill this application form. Also, feel free to ask questions or say what you have in mind in the comment section.

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  1. Do you offer procurement and logistics attachment in Safaricom?
    I hope to apply in September-November intake

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  5. I’m an undergraduate student and am interested in industrial attachment at safaricom starting Dec 2021 at the Department of Information Technology.

  6. i am an undergraduate student and am interested in industrial attachment at safaricom starting Jan 2022 at the Department of electrical and electronics engineering

  7. Hello….I am an undergraduate student seeking to gain attachment at your organization as from January 2022 in the department of communication and public relations.

  8. Hello there..I would like to apply for industrial attachment at safaricom as from November 2021 at business management department…am at Nairobi town,kindly help.


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