Npower Validation Registration | Npower Registration 2020

Npower Validation Registration | Npower Registration 2020

The last is yet to be heard of the Federal Government Npower program as more programs are still being rolled out. The Government has added yet another program tagged Npower Agro program. This is to announce that Npower validation registration for the program has commenced.

The update will benefit Nigeria graduates looking to get the latest on Npower registration 2020, Npower registration date, Npower registration portal link, or Npower Agro registration deadline. A good number of concerns have been raised concerning Npower recently. Our team here will touch all of them for clarity.

What You Should Know About Npower Agro Registration

The program revolves around the move to revamp the Agricultural sector. We were also made to understand that the international community and some donor agencies are also backing the program. The government made it open to all eligible graduates. The process for Npower validation registration for the Agro program would be similar to the previous with just minor new specifications.

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Additionally, Npower Stipends for the Agro program are likely to be slightly higher than the regular programs due to the nature of the Job. Officials further highlighted the need for Candidates to process their Registration on time before the closure of Npower Agro registration portal.

We wish to also remind the general public that Npower Validation Registration is free avoid scammers. Lest we forget the program is tagged N-Agro therefore wherever you see it just bear in mind that it is detailing the Npower Agro program.

Download Npower Past Questions and Answers PDF

List of Programs Under N-Agro Npower Registration 2020

Agriculture Extension Services Consultant: Beneficiaries of this program would be trained in providing Agricultural Extension services. They will engage farmers and educate them on best farming practices. Furthermore, the selected graduates would also visit remote villages and educate rural dwellers.

Seed fertilizer and other input Aggregators: Npower Validation Registration for this program is to train selected persons on seed fertilization. The officials disclosed that the Applicants will assist in providing best inputs to help in improved agricultural production.

Farm Managers: The farm managers would take up administrative positions. They would be trained in the best ways to manage the activities of the farm. Taking inventory of inputs and outputs and engaging relevant partners and agents. We recommend this position mainly for Agric-economics graduates.

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Public sector jobs in agriculture: The program will integrate graduates on how best to get the public sector into the agricultural scheme of things. Additionally, the Applicants will be trained on the process of integrating the public sector on how to leverage public sector partnerships.

Farming co-operatives management: This field will train Applicants on how to handle communal business relationships among farmers. The Npower registration portal for this program is open for mainly those that studied economics in school.

Agro-entrepreneurship: Agro-entrepreneurship will train graduates on the many business opportunities abound in the sector. It is aimed at unlocking the salient potentials in the Agro-industry. Apply if you have an interest in Agricultural enterprises.

Npower Agro Registration Requirements

  • Npower Registration 2020 is open to both University and Polytechnic graduates.
  • You must not necessarily be a graduate of Agro-related studies before you can apply.
  • Additionally, Applicants are also expected to own an android deice.
  • Previous beneficiaries of the program are also qualified to apply.

Npower Stipends for N-Agro Beneficiaries

The sum of N30,000 would be paid to Npower Agro beneficiaries. There could be an increase in Npower Stipends as time goes but for now it is N30,000.

How to Apply for Npower Validation Registration

The application process was made easy. Interested persons should visit the Npower registration portal link and apply. We advise you to engage the services of experienced cyber-cafe operators while registering.

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Ensure you process your registration before the Npower Agro registration deadline as Applications will not be accepted after the Npower registration date. Applicants should be mindful of duplicate websites scamming unsuspecting individuals.

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