Npower Test Assessment Schedule 2020 and Guideline

Npower Test Assessment Schedule 2020 and Guideline

This update is for you if you are an Npower recruitment 2020 Applicant. Due to the number of inquiries, we have been getting regarding the Npower test schedule and Npower test date 2020 our team here was able to meet up with those in charge for some update. Our update today will center on Npower Test Assessment Schedule 2020 and Guideline.

Applicants should bear in mind that the process for Npower test timetable will not be released until Applicants are communicated with the list of Npower Shortlisted candidates 2020.

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Npower Test Assessment Schedule 2020 and Guideline

We were made to understand that the Npower Aptitude test would be taken through a CBT test system. No additional fee would be required for the test. Candidates should ensure they look up the Npower test 2020 timetable properly because if you skip your exam date a second retake will not be allowed.

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While coming ensure you come with every piece of identification. Your documents during Npower registration must match the one you used in the Npower registration portal. There would be no Npower aptitude test with those with unverifiable details. It is also advisable you obtain Npower test past questions as it would be very much necessary for Npower Test Assessment Schedule 2020 and Guideline.

Officials also highlighted that it has come to their notice some recent frauds going around. We were made to understand that some unscrupulous elements have been defrauding unsuspecting individuals. They promise them Npower employment slots in return for a certain fee. They also go as far as promising them permanent Federal Government Jobs under the Npower scheme.

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Npower is not liable for any dealings done with unauthorized persons using the program’s name. Npower remains a viable tool towards the reduction of unemployment and not for defrauding people. Candidates should realize that Npower is not yet a permanent scheme. It is best you save and invest money earned from it.

You can start up a medium scale business while working with the scheme. This way you will not be left stranded if the scheme eventually gets called off. It is not the best time to start living extravagantly from your Npower stipends.

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How to Prepare for Npower Test Assessment

  • Read ahead of time.
  • Obtain all the stipulated requirements.
  • Ensure you link up with former beneficiaries to give you an idea on how to go about Npower Test Assessment Schedule 2020 and Guideline.

Do not make the mistake of giving out sensitive bank and personal contact information to scammers. Npower does not send texts to beneficiaries demanding contact information or BVN. The program uses the information provided by candidates in the Npower registration portal, beware of scammers.

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Applicants would be assessed based on their choice programs. Additionally, Npower communicates to candidates through their official website and reliable information platforms don’t fall for scammers looking for who to swindle. There would be a physical verification after Npower Test Assessment. Visit for the test.

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