Nigeria Army Recruitment 2019 | Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal

Nigeria Army Recruitment 2019 | Nigeria Army Recruitment Portal

Nigeria Army is the most equipped security arm in Nigeria charged with the duty of defending the country from both internal and external hostilities. Since it’s establishment the Military has been pivotal in provision of security and maintenance of order in the country.

The Nigeria Army recruitment 2019 has started in order to enable interested Applicants to apply for this year’s massive recruitment for Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) officers Job and Short Service Combatant (SSC) Commission officers. These Jobs will interest those that have been on the steady search for Nigerian Army DSSC requirement, DSSC recruitment portal, Nigerian Airforce DSSC recruitment 2019 or the latest news on Nigerian army recruitment.

Based on the popular search for Nigerian Army recruitment requirement, the Apply for a Job team has listed with strict scrutiny the requirements for Nigerian Army recruitment 2019, available DSSC and SSC Jobs. Applicants should go through it for easier understanding of the positions.

Available Jobs for Nigerian Army Recruitment 2019

Job Title: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

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Job Location: Nigeria (Nationwide)

Job Field: Military / Para-Military

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Job Requirements at the Nigerian Air Force

  • Nigerian Air Force is looking for an individual with advanced knowledge in Aircraft maintenance for this Nigerian Airforce DSSC job 2019.
  • Only Applicants with a degree in Engineering and Polytechnic graduates of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering can visit Nigerian Army recruitment portal for this position.
  • Another Nigerian Army DSSC recruitment requirement that Candidates should note down is the presentation of a letter of Attestation from the institution they must have graduated from.
  • Interested Persons must possess nothing less than Second Class Lower before applying for this NAF recruitment 2019.

Job Title: Air Traffic Controller

Job Location: Nigeria (Nationwide)

Job Field: Military / Para-Military

Requirements for Air Traffic Controller Position at NAF

  • The position of Air Traffic Controller at NAF is strictly for University Graduates of Engineering or Higher Diploma Holders in Air traffic Controlling/Communications.
  • From what we saw at the latest news on Nigerian army recruitment, it was disclosed that only those with professional certification from NCAA are welcome to apply for this vacancy at NAF.
  • Candidates before applying must have a valid birth certificate signed by the National Population Commission or their Local Government Commission.
  • Interested persons are reminded that this position is not for ex-convicts, ex-convicts are advised to desist from accessing Nigerian Army DSSC recruitment portal to apply for this job.

Job Title: Short Service Combatant Commission Officer (SSC)

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Job Location: Nigeria (Nationwide)

Job Field: Military / Para-Military

Full Requirements for SSC Officer Job at this Nigeria Army Recruitment 2019

  • Candidates considered eligible to apply for this position are only those with University Degree or HND in Social sciences.
  • It is mandatory for Candidates to have their NYSC discharge certificate or exemption certificate as the case may be before applying.
  • Both civilians and military personnel are also called to apply, however qualified military personnel for this Job are only those that are being sponsored by the Nigerian Army in recognized institutions.
  • Nigerian Army recruitment 2019 team further disclosed that before accessing the Nigeria Army recruitment portal in order to apply for this job, you must have obtained evidence of Health fitness from recognized Health centres and Hospitals.
  • Candidates are also advised to provide all personal and educational credentials before the application deadline for this Nigerian Army recruitment draws closer.
  • Only Applicants that are not more than 27 years are most qualified to make the Nigerian Army shortlist for this SSC Officer jobs.
  • A minimum of Second Class lower is expected from candidates applying for this position at the Nigerian Army.

Job Title: Meteorologist

Job Location: Nigeria (Nationwide)

Job Field: Military / Para-Military

Requirements for the Position of Meteorologist at Nigerian Airforce (NA)

  • Recommendation from 2 referees who must be respectable citizens of Nigeria is mandatory for this Meteorologist position.
  • Only University and Polytechnic Graduates of meteorology are welcome to pick Nigeria Army recruitment form for this Job.
  • It was further disclosed that membership of unlawful groups and societies in the country automatically disqualifies one from applying for this position.
  • The screening process for this Job as disclosed by the Nigerian Army recruitment team will be thorough and strict, therefore Candidates are advised to bring the original copies of their relevant documents and certificates that will qualify them for this position.
  • Certification and License from NCAA is an indispensable requirement for this Job.

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