Monthly and Annual Salary of House of Assembly & Representative Members in Nigeria

Monthly and Annual Salary of House of Assembly & Representative Members in Nigeria

Outside getting our voters cards, going to Elections and voting in Honorable Members to represent us at Federal and State constituencies at the National and State Assemblies.

It is advisable that we know the Salary Scale/Structure of the National and State Assemblies in Nigeria and what Honorable Members earn monthly and annually.

We have also made thorough research and brought you the Allowances that the Federal House of Representative and State House of Assembly Members earn.

At the same time, with the national minimum salary of N30,000.00 per month and totaling N360,000.00 per annum, it will take an average Nigerian worker, 27 years to earn the annual salary and allowances of a Nigerian senator and a member of the House of Representatives respectively.

Salary Structure of the Nigerian House of Representative Members

Annual Salary and Allowance of House of Representave Mambers

At the House of Representatives, the Speaker receives a total annual salary of 4,954,220:00 (N4.95m) annually and N412,851:66 monthly, excluding allowances. Just like the Senate President, the federal government provides his vehicles and their maintenance.

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His domestic staff, entertainment, utilities, security responsibility, Legislative Aids, House Maintenance as well as a Special Adviser and a Personal Assistant are provided by the federal government.

Similarly, Robe (clothing) and newspapers are provided for the Senate President.

The Deputy speaker whose annual salary stands at 4,002,309.94 enjoys similar benefits as the speaker.

The Majority Leader of the House, the Minority Leader, the Chief Whip and Chairmen of Committees receive annual salaries of N 6, 352,680.00.

In addition, they receive 50 percent of their salaries as Vehicle and Maintenance allowance; another 50 per cent for domestic staff; 10 percent for utilities and another 10 percent for House maintenance.

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In addition, they collect 75 percent for constituency allowance, 25 per cent for personal Assistant. Other members enjoy similar allowances. At the House of Representatives, the speaker receives $ 790 estacode per night and N32, 000 per night for domestic trips.

The Deputy Speaker receives $750 and N30, 000 for estacode and Duty Tour, respectively. Members receive $550 and N21 , 000 for estacode and domestic trips, respectively.

State Houses of Assembly Salary Scale in Nigeria

Speakers of the State Houses of Assembly enjoy all the benefits as their federal counterpart where virtually all they need are provided with public funds.

However, their annual salaries stand at N 2,049,843.75 and a Constituency Allowance of N25 percent of their Annual Salaries. Deputy Speaker receives N 1,807,478.13 and 25 percent of same as constituency allowance.

Members at the House of Assemblies receive annual salaries of N 2,473,866.25. In addition, they receive 20 percent for vehicles; 25 percent for domestic staff, 10 percent for utilities; 25 percent each for robe, constituency , Personal Assistant and 5 percent for newspapers.

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