Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Lagos | Mechanical Engineering Job Description

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Lagos | Mechanical Engineering Job Description

A standard Engineering company in Lagos state Nigeria that’s known as Sunrose Consulting Limited, has announced some current Job opportunities that exist at the company for Mechanical Engineers.

Therefore, Nigerians have been looking for ways to start their Mechanical Engineering career. Should search no further and simply Apply for these Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Lagos State.

In other words, the Apply for a Job team has carefully added the Mechanical engineering Job description, the full application requirements and how to apply for these Mechanical engineering Jobs in Lagos Nigeria 2021/2022.

Job Title: Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job Field: Engineering / Technical

Mechanical Engineering Job Description

  • It’s the duty of a Mechanical Engineer to always come up with certified and reliable specifications for mechanical design works.
  • Secondly, Engineers that already do Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Lagos. Equally, manufacture and install new or modified mechanical components when the need arises.
  • Further, a certified Mechanical Engineer should be knowledgeable enough to work on mechanical components for different kinds of companies.
  • When a Mechanical Engineer is employed to work for an organisation. He/she must make sure that all project requirements are always assessed before the implementation of the project.
  • Those that will do these Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Nigeria. Will always ensure that all mechanical materials in the firm are always effective.
  • As a Mechanical Engineer, you should always be able to ensure that all the mechanical equipment are safe.
  • Anyone that wants to have a good mechanical engineering career should always conduct essential research.
  • Someone doing the Job of a Mechanical Engineer must possess good mechanical engineering technical skills. So he or she can provide essential technical advice.
  • Another important role of a Mechanical Engineer in society is to always present good designs to clients and co-workers.
  • Graduates that want to do these Mechanical Engineering Jobs, should always be ready to write reports and do proper authentication.
  • It’s also the duty of those doing Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Nigeria to verify and conduct re-testing of products.

Requirements for these Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Lagos 2021/2022

  • Most importantly, the Sunrose Consulting Limited recruitment team has disclosed that only those that possess a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. Are welcomed to Apply for these Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Nigeria 2021.
  • Secondly, interested Graduates must have obtained nothing less than 1-2 years of essential work experience before Applying.
  • Applicants should People that know how to drive very well, they must have also acquired their driver’s licence.
  • Candidates that knows how to make good use of the computer will stand a better chance of getting these Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Lagos state Nigeria.
  • Those that are about to apply for these vacant positions and stand the chance of having a good Mechanical Engineering career. Must possess relevant technical skills.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineering Graduates that have been searching for things like Engineering Job vacancies, Mechanical Engineering Job description or Electrical Engineering Jobs in Lagos are advised to Apply.
  • Another important things that each Applicant must know, is that following the application instructions very well. Is very important in other for you to achieve a successful job application. And equally stand a good chance of becoming employed.

How to Apply for a Job at Sunrose Consulting Limited

  1. Apply through the Recruitment Portal

    Above all, individuals that meet the requirements for these Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Lagos. Should simply Apply online here:

In conclusion, after opening the job portal, you must make time to go through the recruitment portal very well. Because you will see a whole lot of Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Lagos | Mechanical Engineering Job Description on the web page.

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