LOOPERS CLUB ALERT: We Are Back And Better

LOOPERS CLUB ALERT: We Are Back And Better

Hey Loopers , as you may already know, Loopers club‘s website was attacked today by hackers and beacuse of that the site went offline for almost six hours. However, we are happy to inform you that Loopers club is BACK! However, they were not able to recover all the lost data. Read thier press statement below to get all the details.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. We have been working very hard to recover lost data. We have recovered 90% of the lost data and we would be online shortly. The remaining 10% of lost data couldn’t be fully restored and hence would be recovered manually.
Here are the things you need to know. When you login, you will be required to update your details. A separate session is only meant for participants that made payments between 7am Saturday 11th Feb till date. Only fill the payment session if you have truely made payment. Your account will be permanently blocked if you try to game the system.
Registration of new users is currently disabled to enable us sort out some issues. Registration will be restored Tues 14th Feb by 12noon.
All participants that made payments between 7am Sat Feb 11th should login to the site and update their information.  If you fail to do this before 12Noon Tuesday 14th Feb, we might find it really difficult to help you.
Once again, we thank you for your understanding. We are totally committed to making the platform robust and secure for you.
Disclaimer: We won’t be held responsible for what ever comes, as a result of your participation in this platform.

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  1. hi,my names are salome ohuonu,im a participant of loopers,if really that guys are back as you said,you guys should start paying people that contribute on febuary early this year.


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