Local Government Jobs in Uganda 2020 | District Local Government Jobs 2020

Local Government Jobs in Uganda 2020 | District Local Government Jobs 2020

This is to announce the commencement of recruitment for Jobs at Kiboga district in Uganda along with Lyantonde and Obongi District Local Government Jobs. There are multiple vacancies being offered currently in the Local Government district of Kiboga, Obongi, and Lyantonde. Ugandans seeking for District Local Government Jobs 2020, District Service Commission Jobs in Uganda 2020, Kiboga District Jobs, Obongi District Local Government Jobs or Current Jobs in Uganda 2020 should seize the opportunity and apply.

Officials conducting the recruitment hinted that there are over 40 vacant Kiboga, Obongi and Lyantonde District Jobs up for recruitment. The process is part of the Local Government plans to increase the workforce of the Local Government in the district and employ more people.

All You Need to Know About Kiboga District Jobs

  • The Job is open you just need to have a skill or educational certificate to qualify for any of the available Jobs.
  • It is open to all Ugandans mainly those residing in Obongi, Lyantonde and Kiboga District.
  • All the available positions are all entry-level graduate Jobs in Uganda with little or no level of experience needed.
  • District service Commission Jobs in Uganda are among the top-paying Jobs in Uganda which offers low certificate holders the opportunity to get gainfully employed.
  • With no preference, everybody that applies for this District Local Government Jobs in Uganda will be accorded the same opportunity to allow for equal and event treatment of people.
  • There would be a background check on all Applicants to ensure criminals or people that still have pending cases with the law enforcement agents are not employed.
  • Similar to most current Jobs in Uganda 2020 there is most likely going to be a recruitment assessment test that would be conducted to determine those that would be recruited for the available positions.
  • Candidates found guilty of certificate or document forgery would be automatically disqualified and prosecuted as the case may be.
  • The Application form for Lyantonde, Obongi and Kiboga District Service Commission Jobs 2020 is not for sale do not pay anybody to apply for it.
  • All the available positions are pensionable which gratuities attached to them.
  • Be rest assured that when selected for this District Jobs in Uganda you will be entitled to incentives and all the welfare packages that accrues from it.
  • Local Government Jobs in Uganda 2020 are so flexible that one can easily run other side businesses while still working Government administrative Jobs in Uganda.
  • The health officers will assist in the sensitization of locals and administering vaccines in interior towns and villages.
  • The General administrative staff will under close supervision of his/her superiors assist in day to day record of activities in the Local Government.
  • Application cannot be done by proxy and late submissions according to officials will not be considered.
  • Do not apply if you are not a legal resident in Kiboga Uganda.

Description of Jobs to be Done by Selected Persons.

  • The Engineers will team up together and provide Engineering solutions to Engineering and technical problems in the commission.
  • The Human Resource workers along with Accountants will work hand in hand to provide the best administrative service to the commission.
  • Similar to what is obtainable in administrative Jobs Candidates can be designated roles.
  • Application is open to both those looking for graduate and non-graduate Jobs in Uganda.

Eligibility / Requirements Expected From Applicants

  • Must be a legal resident in the above-mentioned districts.
  • Minimum of O level certificates.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills.
  • Punctuality is one quality that recruiting officials would be looking out.
  • It is also compulsory for all applying to be in sound health of mind and body.
  • If you have done district Jobs in Uganda or similar administrative assistant Jobs in Uganda you are most welcome to apply for these ongoing Local Government District Jobs in Uganda.
  • Additional certification from professional bodies would be an advantage for those that have it.

How to Apply for Local Government Jobs in Uganda 2020

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  1. Apply via the recruitment address

    Interested Persons who have gone through the recruitment requirements and wish to apply should submit their CVs with the Positions they intend applying to the recruitment addresses below.

    Kibonga District
    Public Service Commission Form No. 3 (2008) to the Secretary, District Service Commission, P.O. Box 1, Kiboga.

    Obongi District.
    Secretary, District Service Commission,
    PO Box 1, OBONGI.

    Secretary District Service Commission,
    P.O. Box 10, Lyantonde.

    To view the available positions visit the portals below.
    OBONGI – Visit the Job Application website
    KIBOGA – Visit the Job Application website
    LYANTONDE- Visit Job Application website

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