Latest Update for N-Power Nigeria 2016 Beneficiaries

Latest Update for N-Power Nigeria 2016 Beneficiaries

The Federal Government N Power Programme is now one of the most functional Government Agencies in Nigeria.

The scheme recently released an update that will definitely put smiles on the faces of 2016 Beneficiaries.

The devices that was issued to 2016 Beneficiaries, that they normally use to discharge some of their respective duties have now been officially given to them for personal use, they have been permitted to keep these devices as their personal properties.

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Take a look at the message below:

So Hey!!!

So 2016 Beneficiaries, those devices are utterly and totally yours now.


Keep using ’em

We the Apply for a Job Team, also reported how and why the Government of Plateau State retained N-Power Beneficiaries under N-Teach category and there is so much hope that some other States will emulate the good act of the Plateau State Government.

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You can also Login or Use N Power NPVN Portal –

Meanwhile, N Power is also sending an official thank you message to some persons, you can clearly see the message below:

You know what, we want to say THANK YOU!!!

You guys ROCK!

Thank you for all that you do as teaching assistants, health and agro extension workers and as trainee service professionals.

We honour you today.


N Power thanking Beneficiaries

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  1. Good morning sir

    i have problem with my brian npower ipad,it felt down and the touch is not working please where can i meet you for repeir?

  2. We implore federal government to please hold meeting with state governors on how to retain npower participants. Please do this for us and we will never forget PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI. I am one of nteach participants, I am enjoying the programme in the parts of knowledge update, better life, having good impacts in pupils etc. I thank General MUHAMMADU BUHARI and his party for giving us this great opportunity. We will keep on praying for our absorption by federal and state governments. GOD BLESS NIGERIA GOD BLESS PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI


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