Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program 2020 | World Bank Scholarship for Developing Countries

Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program 2020 | World Bank Scholarship for Developing Countries.

World Bank since it was formed by the league of many nations in the world has continued to be a source of the economic backbone of member nations. It offers both financial and economic services that come in the form of grants, loans and financial consultancy for many member nations and individuals.

Apart from providing financial and economic services, World Bank also has a philanthropic arm that promotes and invests in Education, Agriculture, Business and other sectors of the economy of member nations. In view of this is why we are glad to announce to you that the World Bank Scholarship program 2020 has commenced. Interested Persons should start submitting their Application. The program which appears to be a Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program 2020 since its establishment has sponsored over 6000 graduates and researchers from different developing countries in many fields of learning. We urge those looking for World Bank Scholarship for African students and World Bank Ph.D. Scholarship to apply.

Details and Why You Should Apply for Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program 2020

  • World Bank as one of the largest financial institutions in the world offers the best scholarship program for African countries and most developing countries in the world.
  • Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program 2020 are all fully funded, you only need to meet up with the requirements as outlined by the officials and World Bank Group will take it up from there.
  • The institution has perfected plans to ensure that selected recipients of this World Bank Scholarship for African students are adequately catered for.
  • Having World Bank sponsor your education comes with a societal prestige that pretty much distinguishes the individual.
  • It gives one the strong assurance of no financial impediments during his study year.
  • Eligibility for Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program 2020 is open to all member developing nations of the World Bank Group.
  • The Scholarship from what we gathered comes in 2 program selections the PREFERED and PARTNER PROGRAM.
  • The tuition for the scholarship also covers medical insurance while studying.
  • We were surprised when our team was informed that the flight fee and all the travel logistics would be catered by the World Bank Group.
  • All selected persons are also entitled to $500 travel allowance for the duration of their course in the school.
  • We wish to however inform you that every other expense outside the ones listed above would not be paid by World Bank as the Candidate will have to see to that personally.

Requirements for this World Bank Scholarship for Developing Countries

  • Similar to many other World Bank Scholarship for Africans the JJWBGSP is open to only member developing Nations of World Bank Group.
  • You must not hold dual citizenship of any developed nation.
  • Do not obtain the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program 2020 Application form if you are a fugitive or still have issues with the law enforcement agencies in your country.
  • Furthermore, you are also expected to have acquired a Bachelor degree 3 years earlier to the time of applying for this Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2020.
  • In addition to the above, it is also mandatory for Interested Person to have development work to their credit before applying.
  • Like we stated earlier there are two options for Interested Persons the PREFERED and PARTNERSHIP.
  • Those interested in PREFERRED PROGRAM should visit the page to read the requirements while PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM Applicants should proceed to to read up all about it.
  • Before applying you are expected to have gained provisional admission in at least one of the selected Universities of World Bank Scholarship for Developing Countries.
  • If you are a close relative with any Executive director at World Bank Group be it Uncle, Nephew, Niece, Cousin, step-sibling, son e.t.c such status automatically disqualifies you from both World Bank Undergraduate Scholarship and World Bank Ph.D. Scholarship.
  • Accommodation, feeding, books and study resource materials which will come in the form of monthly subsistence allowance are all integral parts of this International scholarship for African students and members of developing countries.

How to Apply for a Scholarship at World Bank Group

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  1. Apply via the Scholarship portal

    Interested Persons who have gone through the scholarship requirements and wish to apply should proceed to the Application portal and apply.

    All other information can also be obtained from the website above.

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