IEBC Jobs 2021 | IEBC Recruitment Portal 2021/2022

IEBC Jobs 2021 | IEBC Recruitment Portal 2021/2022

The International Electoral Boundary Commission is an institution of the Kenya Government with the duty of conducting elections. Along with carrying out other electoral duties in all the counties and provinces recognized by the Kenya Government. However, since its establishment, it has continued to play the exemplary role of making sure that Kenya Elections are always free and fair.

In other words, we at Apply for a Job is happy to announce to our readers that recruitment has commenced for IEBC Jobs 2021/2022. Also, with the increase in the number of people searching for IEBC vacancies 2021, we believe that these Kenya Government Jobs will interest those looking for IEBC Jobs portal, IEBC by-election Jobs or how to access IEBC public portal for Job Applications.

Available IEBC Jobs 2021/2022 Plus Recruitment Requirements

Title: Manager ICT and Business Continuity

Job Location: Kenya

Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

Requirements for the Position of Manager ICT and Business Continuity that’s Among the IBEC Vacancies 2021/2022

  • Firstly, IBEC is looking for a cybersecurity professional that will help in providing the best cyber and ICT security against cyber attacks on the commission’s servers, for instance.
  • This very IEBC Job 2021/2022 is only for ICT graduates or those in a similar field.
  • Meanwhile, due to how professional and delicate this very position is, officials are demanding nothing less than 10 years of experience obtained from doing similar ICT Jobs in Kenya.
  • In addition, you are expected to possess all the professional certification required for this Job before visiting the IEBC recruitment portal to apply.

Title: Manager, Communications and Public Affairs

Location: Kenya

Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

Conditions for the Position of Manager, Communications and Public Affairs

  • The successful candidate for this position will be the one to handle the public image of the commission, manage their relationship with partners. And create an interactive avenue through which the management would be reached by the public.
  • Secondly and most importantly, the call to apply is open to only University graduates of communications or related Social Science course.
  • Thirdly, this position is among IEBC vacancies 2021/2022 that Masters Degree is very much important for you to scale through the recruitment.
  • Also, bear in mind that IEBC recruitment portal 2021/2022. Will not validate your application if you are not a member of professional bodies related to this IEBC Job 2021.

Title: Constituency Election Coordinator

Location: Kenya

Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

IEBC Requirements for the Position Constituency Election Coordinator

  • Firstly, this position is very delicate and not for people of questionable character.
  • Secondly, you must be politically neutral before applying this Kenya Government Job at IEBC.
  • Certainly, each Applicant must be a University Graduate from a recognized institution.
  • On the other hand, experience gotten from doing IEBC by-election Jobs is a leverage that will aide you in scaling through the recruitment process.
  • We also advise those that have done Kenya Government County Jobs to also apply.

Title: Administration Coordinator

Location: Kenya

Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

Eligibility for the Position of Administration Coordinator that,s One of the IBEC Vacancies 2021

  • Firstly, the Administration coordinator among many other duties will ensure efficient in-house administrative services for proper management of the commission.
  • Furthermore, ensure that before you visit IEBC recruitment portal 2021/2022, you must have at least 6 years of experience in office administrative Jobs in Kenya.
  • Lastly, there are no positions for foreigners in IEBC Jobs portal all the vacancies there are for Kenyans only.

How to Apply for a Job at IEBC

  1. Apply via the recruitment portal

    Above all, interested persons who have read the recruitment requirements. And wish to Apply should proceed to or and Apply.

    In addition, after completing the online application. Candidates can visit the IEBC official website: or the form portal: for more information.

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  1. concerns and jobs in IEBC web. are good keep it up though I did not get any opportunity or chance to work with you

    Kind regard

  2. Already God has chosen the leaders now is only uproofing therefore those who will be lucky to be in a position of carrying the exercise be honest.

  3. IEBC should consider jobless youths who are competent and have relevant skills than offering employment to the working class of people.kindly consider that.

  4. Good jobs. Many youths are inspired to apply but the IEBC application portal isnt responding.. Infact the link isnt loading the page..
    So please help us apply by giving us application link that is working.

  5. I’m grateful of your work as the referee to protect the voice of the majority towards a better developed and sustainable state. I’m also very determined to work with you if given chance.

  6. The Portal currently is inactive since yesterday. Please activate it we need to apply for the jobs advertised and the dateline s today.

  7. I applied for the clerical post on the first day the portal was open before the 27th but never got a text or a call to go for the interviews only to hear that the registration process had already began i was wondering if its because i have worked with IEBC before. kindly let me know if there is another slot waiting to be called for the interviews kindly. Thanks in advance

  8. it’s my first time to apply for a presiding officer or an I C T clerk. please consider me to be one of those working in I E B C. whichever position that i get can suit me best. thank you.


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