How to Get a Good Job After NYSC (Youth Service)

How to Get a Good Job After NYSC (Youth Service)

In this article, the Apply for a Job team will be providing answers to members of the National Youth Service Commission. That have been searching for things like How to Get a Good Job After NYSC, How to secure a job after NYSC camp, Get a job after NYSC clearance or Get a job after the NYSC batch.

Being a corper is like the most amazing that has happened to you all your life. No more exams, lectures, and deadly assignments. You are officially an “apple of the Federal Government’s eye. I’m sure you must have heard the rumors.

“There aren’t enough jobs out there anymore”,

“First Class graduates are roaming the streets”,

“The Pay is terrible”.

Well, some of the rumors are true. There aren’t enough Jobs provided for the graduates out there. So you need to outsmart the competition by preparing ahead.
Immediately after my NYSC, securing a job/internship was not so easy. I wasn’t ready to bow to the pressure of being a teacher and to make matters worse, I had little or no experience
But soon, I discovered these tips in the hardest way possible.

Here are the 5 tips that I soon learned to secure an internship and a job afterward.

1: Acquire a Skill

A man once told me that the problem with Nigeria is as a result of celebrating and hyping the Academicians over the professionals who know the technical aspect of every trade.
Skills are the way forward. And presently, the current government administration has made various policies to support skill acquisition. Going the extra mile to acquire one or two relevant skills will make you have an edge over your fellow job seekers.

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You can learn the following skills during your service year.
Computer Networking
Digital Marketing
Shoe and Bag Making
Graphic Design
Video Editing
And so many others.
Your grades do not really matter when it comes to skills.
Keys to success: My keys to turning this around were getting an early jump on exams and really focusing on understanding the material. Practice exams are critical for understanding what kind of questions are asked.


2: Learn How to Be Original With Your Cv/Resume

We believe so much in following protocols and being generic. So many graduates just believe in duplicating someone else’s work.
Let’s take an experiment: Collect a CV of 100 graduates and review them, over 50 percent will use the same format, 20 percent might tend to use the same cv templates with the common generic words and phrases.
Graduates need to take time to craft their own original resumes. Definitely, your cv must follow a particular rule but make sure you express yourself. Be different, make your Resume strike a chord in the heart of the recruiters.

Additional Tip

3: Networking
Honestly, I think I was the only person in the world who didn’t have a godfather or uncle that promised me an automatic job placement immediately I completed my NYSC. So what did I do? I had to NETWORK. I did not know anyone in a position of influence. I made everything tough on myself by playing the same game trying to cold apply to jobs. I ended up just getting lucky but my friends that forged a connection either through clubs, student organizations, or just through other life connections like family friends had a much easier path. Playing the large number game and shooting out as many applications as possible worked out in the end but is a suboptimal strategy.

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You’ll need to research what you want or where you want to go. If you plan on working with UBA, you’ll have to connect with UBA staff and Executives on LinkedIn and Other Platforms. Another way is by asking friends and family. someone might know someone who Knows someone else that might be able to offer you a golden opportunity or recruitment insight.

A referral from a good employee is the best tool in a recruiter’s pocket so it is a win-win.

Bonus Tips on How to Get a Job After NYSC

1: CDS and Personal Projects
Community Development Service (CDS) is one of the four (4) Cardinal Programs of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in which Corps Members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the period of National service.

Many Corpers don’t really put their heart into it since it was somehow forced on them and if given an option, they’ll abandon it. NYSC reminds us that CDS is one of its core Programmes. This allows corpers to become beneficial to their communities and various Places of Assignment.

How can CDS get me a Job?
Well, CDS projects are one way to “advertise” yourself or your skills. We’ve heard stories of Corpers who impressed In these areas and were rewarded with Job Placements.
Undertake various personal or CDS group projects, not for the aim of getting rewarded but for the benefit and progress of your immediate environment.

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5: Attend Relevant Seminars and Workshops

One thing about your service year is that there is always free time. Spend it by attending seminars/workshops that will give you more exposure. If you are going to work in a bank, attend financial workshops and learn. Attending these programmes also gives you the opportunity to network with peers and professionals.

These tips might not Land you at “Chevron” or KPMG, but definitely closer to your dreams. The competition out there is truly harsh and the game is not fair. So you have to separate yourself from the competition and get ready to get that dream job immediately after NYSC.

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To sum up, we hope we were able to answer your questions. And equally, solve most of the puzzles you have been having. As regards your life after National Youth Service Programme. Kindly use the comment section to share your thoughts and also tell us what you think.

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