How to Excel In Any Job Interview In Nigeria

How to Excel In Any Job Interview In Nigeria, In order to do well and impress your Interviewers during Interviews you need to Speak Very Fast When communicating, Brag about your past achievements at any given point, Talk about the skills you have acquired and also Talk about people you know.

These methods to impress interviewers during interviews might be funny, but it is so real. I have seen a majority of it work, and it still works.

The psychology behind interviews in this part of the country is that most HRs don’t have the right interviewing skill. They are so stereotyped in reasoning, and most job seekers have converted it to their benefits.

It is bizarre to see that most companies still use “patience-testing” or “food serving” to judge the employability of graduates. This shows that most of these methods still work properly.

What are the funny methods to impress Interviewers during Interviews in Nigeria?

Speak Very Fast When communicating

Do you know that most Nigerians see people who communicate in a fast tone as intelligent people? If you don’t have an idea, you better take note of it now. I speak fast naturally, and it has worked severally for me. When I attend interviews, it is shocking to see where I am termed wonderful even when I answer questions averagely, just because they could barely grasp what I say.

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The key to using this method is to use the right tenses, answer the questions correctly using the several techniques I have written, and look the interviewer eyeball to eyeball while speaking.

Brag about your past achievements at any given point

Do you really want to impress interviewers during interviews? Then make sure you wet their appetites with whatever you have achieved or not – whether fiction or real. When a company really wants to hire someone, they go for someone who creates urgency in his answers, talks about what he has done in the past, and proffers solutions to problems faced presently.

Bragging about your achievements could mean

  • How you made millions of Naira on sales in your last company
  • A technique you employed to curb downtime on their network
  • How you brought in several contracts for them
  • How you know people that matter in the society

Anything to wet their appetite and put you in their memory is welcomed. You would surely resume work the next Monday.

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Talk about the skills you have acquired

Now, this is the best part of the whole trick.  A lady once interviewed a girl for the role of a full-stack web developer. She explained the way the lady used, to impress interviewers during interviews, and it was fantastic. She said…

“Right from the point where we asked her to tell us about herself, she bamboozled us with all the skills she has, projects she has carried out, and the ones in the pipeline. That was how the interview ended, and she was hired.”

Interviewers are looking for young people with IT skills, and there is no better time to get trained than now. This option has been over flogged, but if you want to be among the top earners in your clique, then you should consider getting an IT skill.

The era of spending so much to acquire the skills are long gone, now it is cheaper as ever for those in Lagos. I have given out a preferred accredited IT institute in Lagos where lectures are very cheap.

Talk about people you know

If you have an interview today with any firm or organization, and you know dignitaries in Nigeria, then you are hired already – this is a trick you should know.

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Companies are looking for contacts to penetrate the market, and anybody that would help bring it is welcomed. But remember, you should make it subtle. Don’t make it look like that is all you have to offer.

List out the few skills that you have, and subtly talk about people that you know who can help push the company forward.

The above tactics might not work for all Organizations, but 97% of them will fall for this, especially the 3rd and 4th points.

It has worked for me in several interviews I have attended, and I am just telling you how to impress interviewers at interviews for free. Remember to pay your 10% when you finally get the job. I wish you success.

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