Nursing Vacancies in Abuja 2022/2023 | Latest Nursing Jobs in Abuja, Nigeria

Nursing Vacancies in Abuja 2022/2023 | Latest Nursing Jobs in Abuja, Nigeria

Mayfield Specialist Hospital is a one-stop place for advanced and improved health services. With fields in Trauma, Cardiology, Orthopedic, Maternity, Surgical practices, etc.

Moreover, this Specialist Hospital in Abuja is known for its professional team of medical personnel, coupled with health equipment and facilities that are of international standard.

In other words, the Apply for a Job team is happy to announce to our teeming visitors. And readers that there are current job vacancies for those looking for Homecare Nursing Jobs in Abuja, Latest Nursing Jobs in Abuja Nigeria, Nursing and Midwifery jobs in Abuja, etc. at this reputable Hospital, simply make good use of this opportunity and apply.

List of these Nursing Vacancies in Abuja 2022/2023 at Mayfield Specialist Hospital Plus Requirements

Job Title: Theater Nurse

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Job Field: Medical / Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Requirements for this Theater Nurse Role

  • Like most Nursing Jobs in Nigeria, only Candidates that can demonstrate a passion for patients well being can apply for this Health Job.
  • Secondly, good organization skills and appropriate delivery of delegated duties from Superiors and Doctors are required. From Interested Nurses for this Mayfield Specialist Hospital recruitment.
  • In addition, Mayfield is one of the hospitals that’s currently recruiting in Nigeria for this position that requires Applicants to have a minimum of 3 years of experience in Nursing services.
  • Certainly, interested Persons must be certified members of the Nursing Council of Nigeria. Before applying for this Nursing Job in Abuja.
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Job Title: Staff Nurse/Midwife

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Job Field: Medical / Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Requirements for this Staff Nurse/Midwife Job that’s Among the Nursing Vacancies in Abuja 2022/2023

  • Firstly, Nursing Jobs in Abuja are very competitive, for one to scale through the Job interview. You must have vast and advanced knowledge of Midwifery Nursing services.
  • Secondly, Health Jobs in Nigeria are delicate because people’s lives do depend on them. Therefore, only Candidates with sound and vast experience in ICU, CCU, and Emergency/Trauma Nursing can apply for this job.
  • However, interested Nurses that are applying for this Job should be highly professional with up to 3 years of experience. That must have been acquired from doing a similar job in the health sector.
  • Further, most Hospitals currently recruiting in Nigeria for this Job requires membership in the Nursing Council of Nigeria from Applicants. Similarly, Mayfield Specialist Hospital is not an exception.
  • Lastly, interested Nurses for this position are required to be self-driven with high accountability traits in patient’s files and records documentation.

Job Title: Consultant/ Specialist (General Surgery)

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Job Field: Medical / Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Mayfield Specialist Hospital Recruitment Requirements for this Consultant/ Specialist Role

  • One requirement that is not bargainable for this Health Job in Abuja is punctuality.
  • Secondly, Medical consultancy Jobs interviews are tough with a thorough scrutiny process. As a result, interested consultants and specialists are expected to be professionals of good reputation in their field.
  • Thirdly, as one of the highest paying health Jobs in Nigeria, membership in all related Health professional bodies is not negotiable for any Applicant applying.
  • Like most Medical consultancy Jobs. Candidates for this Job must have obtained licenses to practice from MDCN.

Job Title: Pharmacist

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Job Field: Medical / Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Required Qualifications for Pharmacist Role

  • For this Pharmaceutical Job, interested Pharmacists are required to have advanced and sound knowledge of Medical Pharmaceutical practices.
  • Secondly and most importantly, only University Graduates from the Pharmaceutical departments, can visit the HR Department of Mayfield Specialist Hospital and apply for this vacancy at Mayfield Specialist Hospital.
  • Similar to what is expected from Candidates in some latest Nursing Job Vacancies in Abuja Nigeria. Candidates for this Job are required to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical field.
  • Lastly, interested Applicants must be ready to always be on time for work.

How to Apply for a Job at Mayfield Specialist Hospital

  1. Apply via the Hospital’s Recruitment Email Address

    Above all, Applicants that have read through the requirements and can fit into the Job simply apply online HERE.

    Alternatively, candidates should submit their Applications to the official recruitment email: or visit the Hospital’s office address and submit their Applications.

    HR Department, Mayfield Specialist Hospital,
    No. 51,
    Main Street Suncity,
    Galadimawa District,
    Airport Road – Abuja.

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