Google Lime Scholarship 2020 | Google Scholarships 2020

Google Lime Scholarship 2020 | Google Scholarships 2020

Through a partnership with Lime Connect, the Google Lime Scholarship has over the years since its establishment been able to provide succor to numerous persons living with disability through college and higher institution funding to pursue their dream course.

We are delighted to announce to you that Google Lime Scholarship 2020 has commenced for Interested Persons to apply. Candidates searching for Google Programming Scholarships, Lime disability Scholarship, International Scholarship USA or International Scholarships in Canada are advised to make use of this opportunity at Google.

All You Need to Know About Google Lime Scholarship Plus Why You Should Apply

  • Google Lime Scholarship 2020 is for Computer science undergraduates who are very innovative and can contribute immensely to the advancement of global computer technology.
  • Through Google Programming Scholarships, candidates are very much sure of accessing the best mentoring and knowledge they need to advance in their chosen Tech field.
  • Google is the world’s biggest Tech firm with multi-subsidiary companies in event of excellent performance during the course of this Lime disability Scholarship, one might be employed by the company.
  • The platform is an avenue for computer science students to meet with like minds, share ideas and knowledge that will benefit each other.
  • With up to $10,000 in yearly scholarship funding, there is definitely no reason for you not to be part of this full scholarship for international students that want to study in the United States America.
  • As a Tech Innovative Firm, Google Scholars are known to be sharp and bright-minded.
  • To the best of our knowledge, this Google Lime Scholarship 2020 is one of the International Scholarships in Canada that has one of the most simplified processes of Scholarship Application.
  • If you are looking for how to get International Scholarship USA funded by top companies, then this Google Scholarships 2020 might just be your best shot.
  • It will last for a period of 1 year which makes it easier for one to come out on time and pursue his/her desired computer science chosen career.
  • Kits and materials needed through the course of this Scholarship would be funded and provided by Google in partnership with Lime Connect.
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Eligibility and Requirements for this Google Scholarship 2020

  • Eligibility for this Google Lime Scholarship 2020 cuts across graduates and undergraduates or international students of any level currently schooling in the United States or Canada.
  • The Course of study must be Computer Science or something closely related to it.
  • This Scholarship is for bright minds that is why your Academic records must be excellent and high-flying before you can apply.
  • One eligibility that is most important for all to note is that Applicants must be people with any form of disability whether visible or not visible.
  • Candidates are further reminded that your Application would be declined if you are a former beneficiary of this Scholarship.

How to Apply for Google Lime Scholarship 2020

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  1. Apply via the Application portal

    Interested persons who have read the Scholarship requirements and wish to apply should proceed to the Application portal and apply in order to stand the chances of studying in USA.

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