Gates Millennium Scholarship Program | Gates Millenium Scholarship 2020

Gates Millennium Scholarship Program | Gates Millennium Scholarship 2020

This is to announce that Application for Gates Millennium Scholarship 2020 has commenced in earnest. This is among the numerous Bill Gates Scholarship opportunities in the United States available for international students in the USA.

In our usual way here at Apply for a Job, we shall touch some areas that are related to Gates Millennium Scholarship Program. Areas like Gates Millenium Scholarship award amount, Gates Millenium Scholarship acceptance rate, and how Gates Millennium Scholarship winners are selected.

Let us give you a brief rundown of Gates Millennium Scholarship history and background. It will allow for proper understanding and also aid in Gates Millennium Scholarship administrative guidelines.

Gates Millennium Scholarship Program

With an endowment initiative of $1.6 billion the Gates Millennium Scholarship program was established. Since it commenced it has helped thousands of United states citizens to get financial help and funding in their academic pursuit.

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Former beneficiaries of this scheme will tell you it is much more than just the regular Scholarships in the United States because it exposes recipients to many other beneficial spheres of life. Gates Millennium Scholarship integrates non-Americans into key sectors of global ICT, therefore, empowering them for proper representation in the global scheme of things.

We will not fail to tell you that Gates Millennium Scholarship winners are picked through a highly selective process. Panelists are looking for students with sound academic background with a certain level of demonstrated leadership skills.

Highly performing candidates in some scenarios are picked for further honorary awards or employment opportunities at either Micro-soft or other Bill Gates affiliated Business ventures.

Gates Millenium Scholarship 2020 Eligibility/Requirements

  • Must be Pell-eligible.
  • Must be either a permanent resident or a full citizen of the United States.
  • Only High School graduates are allowed unless there is a candidate exception made by the officials.
  • Graduated with a minimum GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Interested Candidates for Gates Millenium Scholarship 2020 must be those admitted to study a full program of 4 years in recognized United States Universities.
  • Like we said earlier, winners are mainly picked based on academic performance.
  • The host nation for Gates Scholarship is United States of America.

Gates Millennium Scholarship award amount

Besides the tuition fee, Candidate’s feeding expenses, transportation and accommodation are also catered for. Additionally, academic materials and resource needed would also be provided for candidates.

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Gates Millennium Scholarship Acceptance rate: Due to how competitive it is to get Gates Millennium Scholarship the acceptance rate tends to be a big lower than the regular scholarships in United States.

Additional Benefits of Gates Millennium Scholarship Program

We have also compiled other additional benefits recipients stand to gain.

  • Leadership mentors-hip and skills development.
  • Exposure to the global center stage of Tech business.
  • Winners can also renew their Scholarship. Which is however subject to a new set of documentation.
  • Employment opportunities and access partnership with like-minds.

How to Apply for Gates Millennium Scholarship 2020

Gates Millennium Scholarship application process is very simple. Also bear in mind that you would be required to create an account before you can commence your application on the portal.

Visit the Scholarship Application portal to commence your Application.

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