FRSC Past Questions and Answers for Recruitment Exam/Test

FRSC Past Questions and Answers for Recruitment Exam/Test

The Applyforajob team has made available an up-to-date and comprehensive version of FRSC Past Questions and Answers. That is to say, if you have been Shortlisted for the FRSC Job Recruitment Test/Examination or You Intend to Apply for a Job at FRSC, Then You are at the Right Place. However, these Past Questions and Answers Include English Language, Mathematics, Current Affairs, and Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Related Questions.

The Federal Road Safety Corps Past Questions and Answers are in PDF format, so you can easily download and also open them on your device after download.

Getting this FRSC past questions and answers will make stand ahead of others and equally stand a very good chance of working with this prestigious Government organisation.

How to Download this FRSC Past Questions and Answers

To get the Federal Road Safety Corps Past Questions and Answers, follow the procedure:

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Firstly, pay the sum of N2,000 to the bank account below:

Account Name: Anyanwu Innocent Chiebuka
Account No: 2190177328
Bank: Zenith Bank


Secondly (after payment), send a text to this number 08060833386 containing your full name, email address, and FRSC Past Q & A. Once your payment is confirmed, we will send your PDF to your email immediately.


Send a recharge voucher worth N2,500 with your full name, email address, and FRSC Past Q & A. As a result, we will send your E-book to your email immediately.

Why You Need To Download This FRSC Material

Certainly, statistics have proven that the FRSC receives not less than 30,000 every time the portal is opened for job recruitment. In addition, the FRSC salary structure is equally attractive, because it’s a Federal job.

In other words, the only chance you have to distinguish yourself from a large number of Applicants is by scoring high in the recruitment exam. That’s why you need to prepare with these past questions and solved answers. So you can see what the exam looks like and also get used to the FRSC pattern of questions.

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Practice Free Sample FRSC Recruitment Aptitude Test/Exam Questions & Answers from Previous Years

  1. The highest court for the Governorship election dispute in Nigeria is .
  • (a) Supreme Court
  • (b) Court of Appeal
  • (c) Federal High Court
  • (d) Electoral Tribunal
  1. The highest court for the Legislative election dispute in Nigeria is .
  • (a) Supreme Court
  • (b) Court of Appeal
  • (c) Federal High Court
  • (d) Electoral Tribunal
  1. Class J Licence is issued to which category of drivers
  • (a) Commercial drivers
  • (b) Private drivers
  • (c) Articulated vehicle drivers
  • (d) Physically challenged drivers
  1. The pulse rate of a normal person is
  • (a) 52 per minute
  • (b) 62 per minute
  • (c) 72 per minute
  • (d) 82 per minute
  1. The C in the ABC of First Aid is for ..
  • (a) Control
  • (b) Commitment
  • (c) Conjecture
  • (d) Circulation
  1. Warning Signs are usually in shape
  • (a) Circular
  • (b) Triangular
  • (c) Rectangular
  • (d) Square
  1. The green colour of the Nigerian flag signifies
  • (a) Agriculture
  • (b) Green Eagles
  • (c) Green revolution
  • (d) Green forest of Nigeria
  1. Breathalyzer is used to detect .
  • (a) Bad breathe
  • (b) Drunk driving
  • (c) Over speeding
  • (d) Smoking
  1. FERMA stands for
  • a). Federal Road Maintenace Agency
  • b). Federal Road Maintenace Associates
  • c). Federal Railway Maintenace Agency
  • d). Federal Railway Maintenace Associates
  1. The film industry in Nigeria is called
  • a) Bollywood
  • b) Hollywood
  • c) Nollywood
  • d) Softwood
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We will be looking forward to seeing your thoughts. Feel free to comment what you think about this FRSC past questions and answers update. Via the comment section of this web page.

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