Deadline for NIN Sim Registration and When NCC Will Block Sim Cards

As the frenzy for the NIN sim registration deadline continues to sweep the country. It has become imperative for us to clear some misconceptions about when NCC will block sim cards. We have been getting inquiries ranging across different questions like When is the deadline for SIM registration, when will Sim cards be blocked, When is NIN registration closing, as well as when will Sim registration resume in Nigeria.

This and many more are current issues we shall be addressing in our update today. Our team was in contact with some authorities and they revealed new developing stories including the deadline for NIN Sim registration and when NCC will block Sim cards.

Deadline for NIN Sim Registration and When NCC Will Block

Contrary to popular belief that NCC has issued a deadline for Sim registration. Officials from the commission made it known that for now, the main priority is to ensure everyone enrolls for NIN Sim registration. That is to say, there are no plans to block Sim cards anytime soon. On the other hand, a new deadline for NIN registration can be issued but not anytime soon.

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Additionally, the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy Mr Isa Pantami. Through his spokesperson, disclosed the ministry is doing everything to ensure the exercise keeps going smoothly. While enjoining the general public to enrol for NIN. Authorities went further, stating no room would be given to non-registered Sim cards to function.

In another development, NCC disclosed as false, the insinuation in some quarters that BVN automatically gives one access to NIN without registration. Disregard such information as BVN offers no automatic link to NIN. Replacement and activation of old Sim cards have also commenced. NIN registration still remains compulsory for the activation of old Sim cards.

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We have already outlined the process on How to Link NIN to MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. Read it up and ensure you do so before the NIN deadline.

Below are some of the responses we got concerning your inquiries.

When is NIN Registration Closing

NIN registration is still going on. Nonetheless, an extension of a few weeks has been granted after the general public decried plans to block Sims not registered recently.

To clarify, the official deadline for the national identification number (NIN) and subscriber identity module (SIM) integration exercise till December 31, 2021. However, the previous deadline was October 31, which has now been moved to December 31, 2021. And the Government has also shifted the deadline further till March 31, 2022. So we advise you to try your possible best to meet up this specified deadline.

When will Sim cards be blocked

Concerning when NCC will block Sim cards, information available to us has it that only non-registered Sim cards will be blocked upon expiration of the deadline for NIN Sim Registration.

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When will Sim Registration Resume in Nigeria

Sim registrations will commence after currently existing Sims have been linked. However, NIN to Sim link will now be compulsory for any new Sim. Failure to do so leads to blocking of the Sim.

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