Cambridge Food Vacancies in South Africa 2021/2022 | Cambridge Food Job Application

Cambridge Food Vacancies in South Africa 2021/2022 | Cambridge Food Job Application

Cambridge food is a household name in the South Africa Food and Beverage industry. Not only the fact that it provides quality easy to eat consumables. In addition, Cambridge equally provides Job opportunities for many in South Africa. Which, has contributed immensely to the growth of the South Africa economy.

However, we are delighted to inform our teeming readers that recruitment for Cambridge Food Vacancies in South Africa has commenced. Therefore, Residents searching for Cambridge supermarket Jobs, Cambridge food store Jobs, Domestic Jobs in Pretoria or Cambridge food Jobs in Gauteng should apply.

For clarity and due to the nature of Domestic Jobs in Pretoria our team here will outline some facts and reasons why you should obtain Cambridge Job Application form and apply.

Some Facts About Cambridge Food and Why You Should Apply.

  • First of all, Cambridge is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Secondly, work is flexible as almost all the workers at the company work on shifts.
  • While working at Cambridge, you can combine it with other Domestic Jobs in Pretoria.
  • A good number of Cambridge Food vacancies in South Africa require little or no level of experience. As a result, the selection is mainly based on ones’ commitment to work.
  • Similar to Government Jobs in South Africa Cambridge workers are entitled to Work-leave.
  • Cambridge food Jobs Gauteng and other parts of South Africa will tell you it’s one of the most recommended.
  • Non-certificate holders can also apply.

List of Cambridge Food Vacancies in South Africa

Job: General Workers

Location: South Africa

Requirements for the Position of General Workers

  • Each Applicant must be a legal resident with a valid form of identification.
  • A minimum of grade 9 certificate or an equivalent.
  • Selected persons would be handling delegated duties. As a result, multitasking ability is very much necessary.
  • Above all, ensure you have the ability to withstand work pressure.
  • Apply if you have done Cambridge supermarkets Jobs before.

Job: Cleaners

Field: South Africa

Location: Non-graduate Jobs

Cleaner Job Requirements at Cambridge Food

  • Selected persons will ensure all time neatness of the store while making necessary observations to the company.
  • A certificate is not necessary for these vacancies. However, a minimum of a 10-grade certificate should at least be with you.
  • Good communication skill is also essential.

Job Title: General Labor

Location: South Africa

Field: Non-graduate Jobs

General Labor Job Requirements at Cambridge Foods

  • General labour is for agile people. That is to say, that you must be in sound health of mind and body.
  • Cambridge Food Job Application for General labour would only be accepted from South Africa legal residents.
  • Movement of materials and tools around the store would be done by general labour workers.
  • Experience from doing Cambridge food store Jobs would be handy.
  • Additionally, selected persons must be of excellent courteous behaviour.

Job Title: Pickers and Packers

Location: South Africa

Conditions for Pickers and Packers Job at Cambridge

  • From what we know, it seems like a 10-grade certificate would be compulsory. So ensure you have it before applying for either of these Cambridge Food Vacancies in South Africa.
  • Experience gotten from Picking and Packers Jobs in Pretoria would be an advantage though it is not compulsory.
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision especially for the more experienced ones.
  • Good at multitasking will boost your chances of getting this job.
  • Speed and agility to work

Job: Position Food-Truck Leaders

Location: South Africa

Eligibility for the Position Food-Truck Leaders at Cambridge Foods 2021/2022

  • Accountability and accurate delivery of assigned Jobs.
  • Even though it was not specified, a Driving License might be needed.
  • Lead a team of other staff while also ensuring timely delivery of tasks.
  • Cambridge Food Vacancies in South Africa are not too competitive. However, you might have to show some level of educational qualification.
  • Don’t apply for this job, if you are not a legal resident in South Africa.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Besides logistics selected persons would also be involved in general labour when the need occurs.

How to Apply for a Job at Cambridge Food Store

  1. Apply via the recruitment

    Most importantly, interested Persons, that qualify for either of these Cambridge Food jobs. Should proceed to the application portal: and apply.

    Finally, Cambridge Food Job Application is not for sale, so try as much as possible to avoid scammers that might tell you one thing or the other. As an attempt to obtain money from you.

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