The Best Five Scholarships for The International Students from Nigeria

The Best Five Scholarships For The International Students from Nigeria

In case, you wish to enhance your professional or academic skills but don’t have the sufficient funds to undertake the training, then this article is all there for you.

Through this article, you will come across various opportunities that will lead you closer towards such things. You can undertake training in various academically excellent and highly professional workforce countries without paying much. Yes, this is possible by the top 5 training scholarships that are given below. Do read more about these scholarships. You may visit the official site for more information about each.

Top 5 Training Scholarships For The International Students:

1. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship, USA

The Hubert Humphrey fellowship is announced every year for imparting a professional enrichment in USA only to the experienced professionals from the selected countries in the world. The candidates for this scholarships are selected on the basis of their potential towards commitment to the public sectors in either private or the public sector or leadership skills.

This fellowship provides all kinds of fund that cover all kind of expenses.

As the candidates are send in one of the participating US universities, you must check out the list before applying. One more important thing is that the scholarship is for a non-degree program therefore rather than providing degree, they are offered various opportunities for the professional enrichment and development through some selected universities. The candidate may attend conferences, take part in networking and may gain from the practical work experience.

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Endeavor Vocational Education and Training Scholarship, Australia

This scholarships is meant for providing financial support to the ones who wish to undertake Endeavour Vocational Education at an advanced diploma, diploma and associate degree level in any related fields in Australia. The scholarship is available to the international applicants in Australia for a period of two and a half year.

The main aim of the scholarship is to provide a work-related experience, and the skills used in future.

The courses under this scholarship are linked to occupation or vocation and trade in which the applicant has participated. What every candidate benefits from this scholarship is tuition fees, establishment allowance, health and travel insurance, travel allowance and monthly stipend of certain sum. While checking out this scholarship, do check out the endeavor executive fellowship as well. It provides the opportunity for professional development of about 1-4 months in the field of education or government, industry and business.

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3. Netherlands Fellowship Program for Short Courses, Netherlands

The scholarship available to the international students belonging to Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe provides scholarship that can be used for a short term study in Netherlands. NFP is either offered by the education institution in Netherlands or can be used for studying a selected number of courses.

The institution affiliated under this scholarship provide professional training by the highly qualified experts at the post-secondary level in various fields of study.

You may check out the fields provided at its official website. Through this course, what you get is either a diploma or a Dutch certificate but its duration may vary from 12 months to 2 weeks. The allowance provided is thought as a contribution to cover the cost of living of those who are undertaking this scholarship.

4. VLIR-UOS Training Scholarships, Belgium

VLIR-UOS training programme being an international training programme is for undertaking a practical training which may last till 1-4 months. The training can be undertaken in a development oriented subject that is taught in English at the university colleges or VLIR-UOS.

As it is a full scholarship, it covers almost all the allowances in terms of insurance, accommodation, several one-time payment, international travel, time payment and tuition fee.

At present, there are about 31 eligible countries in Latin-America, Africa and Asia that can reap benefit from this scholarship. However, the number of award every year are not specified and also the deadline of the scholarship varied therefore do check before applying.

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5. UNESCO Fellowships Programme

The first thing about this scholarship is that it is available for selected countries only that are japan, Korea, Czech Republic, Poland, China and Russia.

The UNESCO fellowship programme with the sole aim of enhancing the capacity building of the member states especially in developing countries and human resources is working well in all these years.

The fellowship is provided for pursuing studies in the fields that come under the UNESCO programme priority and is for specially tailored training. The fellowship covers the all expenses involved in research and the study costs. Do check out more about his scholarship as there are a number of other scholarship under this as well.

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