BBC Media Action Tanzania Jobs | BBC Media Action Job Application Form

BBC Media Action Tanzania Jobs | BBC Media Action Job Application Form

BBC Media Action through its presence in many African nations has been using the media to shape the narratives and order of events, ensuring that people access useful information anytime anywhere. It covers a wide outreach in Tanzania and has formed a formidable part of the country’s media sector.

This is to announce that recruitment has commenced for BBC Media Action Tanzania Jobs, These Jobs we believe will interest those searching for Public Relation Jobs in Tanzania, Communication and Journalism Jobs Tanzania, BBC research Jobs or Mass communication Jobs in Tanzania.

Benefits of Working With BBC Media Action Tanzania.

  • BBC is a global media brand, working with them exposes one to countless online opportunities.
  • BBC Media Action Tanzania Jobs is currently one the best-paying Jobs in Tanzania one can think of getting.
  • With the team of experts and internationally certified professionals, one is sure to mix up with people he can gain a wealth of knowledge from.
  • The salaries offered by BBC Media Action Tanzania Jobs are of international standard.
  • While working based on your position, you can be selected for foreign media trips, seminars or company-sponsored trainings.
  • The welfare and incentives of workers in the company remain a top priority that is why BBC Media Jobs remains one of the most sought after Mass communication Jobs in Tanzania.
  • One gains more exposure and working experience needed to boost his or her profile.
  • There is no discrimination as all eligible Tanzanians can apply.
  • In the frontline of duty, it helps you to come in contact with people that can assist you advance the cause of your career.
  • BBC Communication and Journalism Jobs Tanzania works with internationally recognized best practices which pretty much makes the selected person an international Journalist.
  • BBC Media Action Job Application Form is free no money is required before you can obtain it.
  • Based on your position you could be entitled to an official vehicle, residence or some highly placed welfare packages.
  • Keeping everyone accurately informed gives one a sense of contribution to societal wellbeing and development.
  • It is a highly recommended place to start off a public relations Job in Tanzania.
  • There is Job security as all employed staff have details of their roles and deed of employment well spelled out.

List of Available BBC Media Action Tanzania Jobs

Job Title: Research Coordinator [Tanzania]

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Job Location: Tanzania

Job Field: Entertainment / Media / Art

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Requirements for the Position of Research Coordinator

  • The selected will spearhead the Niambe 2 project which seeks to empower young women in the region on their rights which would be done through media programs in the country.
  • The coordinator would also be charged with the duty of ensuring that the projects in the area meet up the international standard BBC works with.
  • Officials in charge of BBC Media Action Tanzania Jobs revealed that only University Graduates of disciplines related to this vacancy in Tanzania are qualified for this position.
  • Along with other duties expected of the coordinator, he will also be required to participate in data analysis and support in synthesizing findings and preparing summaries of the key findings.
  • Before obtaining the BBC Media Action Job Application Form ensure you have acquired at least 5 years of proven experience doing project management Jobs in Tanzania or any other related BBC research Job.
  • Ability to relate and attract the sponsorship of international agencies through proposals, presentations and proper networking.
  • If you have experience with advertising Jobs in Tanzania experience from it would be highly valuable.

Job Title: Country Director [ Tanzania ]

Job Location: Tanzania

Job Field: Entertainment / Media / Art

Eligibility for the Position of Country Director at Tanzania

  • This position is for Media and administrative professionals, ensure you have the required length of experience and skill before obtaining BBC Media Action Job Application Form to apply.
  • The Country Director will lead a team of other staff at the Media firm to ensure that the interest and image of BBC is well projected in Tanzania.
  • Will ensure proper utilization of budgets allocated for projects and provide accounts to the regional heads in London.
  • The employers due to the sensitivity of this BBC Media Action Tanzania Job would require Applicants to have at least 5 years of professional experience in top management Jobs in Tanzania.
  • Ensure you come with all educational qualifications and certifications necessary for this recruitment.

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