How to Avoid Being Sacked from Your Place of Work

How to Avoid Being Sacked from Your Place of Work
It is a longer news that the economy is down, and companies are laying off workers just to keep afloat. Who are these unlucky ones and what can you do in other not to be among them…
1) Know your Boss: Office politics is no longer news. During recession, heads of departments usually submit names of people who they feel can’t be part of the firm again. And in most cases, competence is not called into play. Most times, it is a question of “Who does Oga like”. So I suggest you know what makes your boss happy, if producing results is the way, Do It!!
If eye service is the way, Do It!!
If Buying him drink during weekends is the way, Do It!!.. Just know the way to his heart…
2) Act More, Say Less: Stealing of Ideas didn’t start today. The more you think you contribute verbally to every motion raised, the more someone is stealing your ideas, implementing it and getting credits for it. All you end up doing is Ranting in your corner office and explaining to anybody to cares to listen. When it is time for redundancy, nobody remembers the idea bringer rather the implementer.
3) Always Volunteer: ” Who will help draw up a proposal?”, “Who will fill in the void of the secretary in this meeting?”, “Who can escort the driver to deliver the goods to ….”. As much as time allows you, Keep saying ” I can”.. I can’t guarantee you promotion, but I guarantee you that your position is safe. I remember doubling as a corporate Marketer and Retail sales Associate.. the end product was a clear promotion. You can also do so!!
4) Don’t Just do your Job: Almost same as No 3, But this time around, never wait for any superior to ask first. I remember an instructor in an ICT firm where he earns about 30k monthly. Dude was diligent in his Job, not only that, but ended up referring a record sum of 10 students personally to train in the institute… He was not only Recognized, but the sales Marketer application was sacked, and he was given a double portfolio, with a handsome pay of above 100k… What else are you waiting for??.
5) Don’t Just Try, Produce Results: Working with Whites made me realize they don’t appreciate “I tried”.
it always ends with… ” We appreciate your effort, but we need someone to get us the results”.
If you are a result getter, believe you me, even if everyone is being sacked, you will always be the one they rely on…
Just like C. Ronaldo, they beg you… ” Please go out there and get us the results we need”
Written and Complied by: Mike Bush
(Associate Sales Lead and Public Speaker)

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