Apply for a Job: Five Things Every Job Finder Should Do Before Applying for a Job

Apply for a Job: Five Things Every Job Finder Should Do Before Applying for a Job

This is an updated version of this article and I would love to share it. For every Job finder out there, I understand that you might have done everything possible but yet the jobs aren’t coming. I want you to know that sometimes it happens that way but the key to breaking through is positioning yourself properly.

I will give you the five things every job seeker must do before applying for a job. It will help you see an advantage in the current scenario you are facing. I tried it and it worked, so why can’t you give it a trial.

Apply for a Job in Nigeria

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This is one of the 5 things every job seeker must do in order to get that job. A lot of job seekers believe that only a connection can get you a favorable job. This might be true to an extent, but you don’t get connections by sitting right in your room surfing all the gossip blogs in Nigeria. Networking is the key that opens a lot of doors for various jobs, and it can last even for a lifetime. There are several networking mediums and ways to pass your message across to people who can really place you where you wish to belong.

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I remembered when I lost my first job. That was when I knew that I had to meet top players that mattered in my industry. I had to penetrate top recruitment firms and before I knew it, my e-mail got flooded with lots of interview invites. Even now, my networks still call me in case I have any referral to pass across to them. It might not really be a million salary kind of job, but at least it pays well. The power of networking can never be over-emphasized in the daily schedule of a job seeker.

Learn a Skill

In my past three articles, I have been hammering on this issue because I have seen it work first-hand. Acquiring a skill doesn’t mean you are no longer a graduate. It only helps to position you when the opportunity comes calling. I have seen doctors become musicians, I have seen bankers become models, and I have also seen accountants working as programmers.

It wouldn’t do you good if all you have to show is the degree you acquired while in the university. My closest friend is an Engineer but works as a writer and also as a content developer with a top firm. There are some courses that getting a job vacancy attached to it is quite difficult. Instead of cursing the government from your house, get up and learn a skill that opens up new opportunities in other sectors. You have everything to lose if you don’t take action.

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Apply for a Job in Nigeria

Engage in Something Profitable

Working as an Insurance salesman immediately after school was not fun but it made me get my first job a few months later. I put it down as one of the 5 things every job seeker must do. Something profitable shouldn’t only be from the financial aspect; you should also look at the experience aspect.

I have seen a lot of graduates who segregated jobs and ended up wishing they had taken it back then. Every experience counts, don’t misuse an opportunity to gain experience. Even if you have to teach in a school, one day you might be hired as a trainer because of your teaching experience. Don’t neglect little beginnings.

Know what you want

You should never be a Jack of all trades and master of none. If you have decided to pitch your tent as a customer care official, do well to become exposed to it. Let a potential employer know the direction you are headed in.

I should be able to look at your CV and know which working sector your strength lies most. The mistake job seekers make is trying to be everything in one person. You should be able to answer the question “What can you do?” with ease. Anything you say should correspond with the experiences, skills, and certifications you have acquired. It is never too late to pick a career path, now is the time.

Try and Become Your Own Boss

Above all, not everyone might end up working for someone. If there is something I know that can propel you to take action towards becoming your own boss, I am sure that the fear of being broke and also the lack of jobs.

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I can’t possibly give you top business ideas, but I know that a site like Nairaland can do justice to that. There are lots of businesses that require little capital to start. If you believe you have the passion and the zeal, let it guide you and finally make you become an employer of labor.

These 5 things every job finder must do before applying for a job isn’t a strict manual to be followed. It worked for me, and I believe it should work for anybody who follows it. Thanks.

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