Apply for Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2022/2023

Apply for Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2022/2023

Ericsson is a leading global brand in telecommunication services. Majoring in equipment and mobile communication services. Ericsson has a competitive presence in over 180 countries with 1000 networks. The company deploys the best innovation and digital broadband in attending to the need of its clients and many customers.

This is to announce that the company has commenced recruitment for Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee program. Persons interested in Ericsson Nigeria Jobs, Ericsson Data Science Internship, Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Program, or Ericsson Nigeria Career are most welcome to apply.

Our team has made available details and how best to apply for Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2022/2023.

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Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2022

The Program is geared toward empowering young graduates with industry experience, especially in the communication sector. Candidates through the help of accomplished professionals will be put through the intermediate business skills development stage. Additionally, during Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Program, candidates will be grouped into different groups. This is to allow for teamwork which happens to be an integral part of achieving excellence in an organization.

Furthermore, Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2022/2023 focuses on mentorship. And providing an enabling environment for individuals to reach their best potential. It is a good starting point for young graduates to meet world-class professionals. And learn from their wealth of knowledge. Graduates will also be allowed to access resources and materials while at Ericsson. In addition to the grooming, Candidates would also be exposed to different Ericsson Nigeria Career choices while at the company.

Areas like business management, Teamwork along basic business ethics would be thought to Applicants. Ericsson Data Science Internship training would also be deployed especially for computer and Engineering graduates at the firm. No Application fee would be needed to Apply for Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2022/2023 as disclosed by officials. Additionally, no level of experience is needed for this Ericsson Nigeria Job.

Inquiries about the Ericsson Graduate Program salary can be made on the website.

Benefits of Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee program

  • Access to world-class professional work experience is one of the best offered in the industry.
  • Meeting up with like-minds and industry experts.
  • Platform to access more job opportunities.
  • Working in an international environment with colleagues from all over the world.
  • A good starting point especially, for Engineers and Computer Science graduates.

Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Program Requirements

  • Must be a graduate with at least a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Most preferably, Engineering, Computer Science / Software/Computer Engineering / IT or Information Systems / Networks Engineering, Communications, IT& Engineering.
  • NYSC or Exemption letter as the case may be is compulsory as disclosed by the officials.
  • Engineering Graduates who have completed their studies between 2020 and 2021.
  • No level of experience but those with experiences from similar Internships in Nigeria are at a good advantage.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Intermediate knowledge of coding, programming, scripts, e.t.c.
  • Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2022/2023 officials will treasure team spirit and excellent communication skills.

How to Apply for Ericsson Nigeria Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2022

  1. Apply through the Application Portal

    Interested Persons, having met the recruitment requirements should proceed to the Ericsson Nigeria recruitment portal – HERE and apply.

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