Agricultural Jobs in Nigeria | Procurement Jobs in Nigeria

Agricultural Jobs in Nigeria | Procurement Jobs in Nigeria

A reputable Agro-Allied Company by name Saro Agro-Allied Company with over 20 years experience in the business of cocoa exportation and other Agro-Allied ventures is currently recruiting.

They are currently recruiting to fill the position of Cocoa Procurement Professional. This Agricultural Job vacancy will interest those that have been searching for Cocoa Production Jobs, Exportation Jobs and Agricultural Procurement Jobs in Nigeria.

The Apply for a Job team has equally compiled the procurement professional Job description for those that would like to have insights on the nature of the Job.

Job Title : Procurement Professional (Cocoa)

Job Location : Nigeria

Job Field : Agriculture / Agro-Allied

Description of this Cocoa Procurement Professional Job in Nigeria

  • An Agricultural Procurement Job in Nigeria will involve identification of emerging markets to channel the cocoa products for export.
  • The Person employed for this Job will be at the forefront of negotiations and finalizing of procurement deals for the company.
  • He/She will be the one drafting out implementable pathways towards reaching set targets and objectives.
  • A part of this Job is similar to what is done in Agricultural NGO Jobs in Nigeria for those that have done Agricultural NGO Jobs before.
  • The Procurement Professional would be in charge of the management of supplies, Assets and also gather information on Government policies for Agriculture and how it affects the Company.
  • Procurement Officer can also be involved in Agricultural Extension Job if the need arises.
  • Procurement Professional would be the one drafting the logistics and all necessary documents needed for exportation of Cocoa in the Company.

Requirements for this Procurement Professional Job at Saro Agro-Allied Company

  • One requirement for most Agricultural Jobs in Nigeria is vast knowledge of the specified field and those that want this Procurement Professional Jobs must know how the cocoa industry works.
  • If you have experience from doing Agricultural Extension Jobs, Agricultural NGO Jobs, Procurement Jobs, or Cocoa Exportation Jobs, it will be an added advantage for you.
  • When it comes to Agricultural Procurement Jobs, Interested Persons are required to be good with logistics because it is an integral part of the Job.
  • Multi-tasking ability and fast delivery of assigned projects are required from those that are Interested in this role.
  • Candidates that are interested in this professional Procurement Job, must be University Graduates.
  • Similar to what is obtainable in Federal Ministry of Agriculture Job vacancies, Candidates are required not to be younger than 30 years of age and not older than 40.
  • Due to the nature of Agricultural Jobs in Nigeria, Masters Degree would be desirable if available.
  • Many Procurement Jobs in Nigeria involves lots of movement. Therefore, Applicants must possess good driving skills.
  • Interested Candidates are required to have good interpersonal communication skill for this Saro Agro-Allied Job.

How to Apply for a Job at Saro Agro-Allied Company

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  1. Apply via the Company’s Recruitment Portal

    Interested Persons that have read the requirements and can fit into these Jobs should simply proceed to the company’s recruitment portal here: and apply.

    This is Nationwide Job recruitment, therefore these Jobs will be done at any cocoa-growing region in Nigeria.

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