8 Productive Skills You Should Learn To Get A Good Job

8 Productive Skills You Should Learn To Get A Good Job

The main eight essential skills you so much need to acquire one in other to easily get job includes Learning how to Code, Microsoft Excel, Writing, Project Management, Public Speaking, Sales and Digital Marketing.

The office environment in the 21st century is changing rapidly. Organizations don’t employ people based on their certificate anymore; rather they employ them based on their skills. In other words, a dullard has no place in modern day Organization as they will not survive the hit. As a matter of fact, once you are a liability, your name will be penciled down for possible retrenchment. As a result of this, the recruitment process of most multinational and blue chips Organizations has become very challenging. So, it is either you make it or break it. However, this article will highlight 8 skills you need to land your dream job in 2018.

Are you a graduate looking for a job or an experienced professional wishing to change job? Here is a list of 8 skills you need to land your dream job.

8 Productive Skills You Should Learn To Get A Good Job

Coding is among the skills you need to land your dream job in 2018. It is a lucrative skill that most business organizations are constantly in demand of. In fact, an independent report in 2017 unveils that the demand for coders in 2018 will increase geometrically. So, if you ever dream of working in big company, coding is definitely an easy way to get there.

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Gone are those days when organizations have pile up of files in every offices. Oops! How boring this could be though this is still the status quo in Government organizations. However, in modern Organizations, this is not sustainable as most data are digitalized. So, if you must fit into that your dream job, a good data management skill is a must. And a knowledge of excel will make your data management skill awesome.

Website Development
The world has gone digital and most Organizations now have online presence/website. Also, a company’s website is often the first point of contact to that company. This is why most Organizations now invest more on websites. So, if you are skilled in Website development, you are a step ahead of landing your dream job.

Writing is among the skills you need to land your dream job. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important skills in 2018. In modern day, Organizations interact more with their customers/clients through social media. So, most organizations are constantly in need of writers who can write intelligently on their blog or social media platforms. If you have good writer, you will definitely be very valuable to any employers. Therefore, it is time for you to start polishing your writing skills so as to land your dream job.

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Project Management
Project management is a good skill every jobseeker should acquire. This is because every project needs a manager to keep an eye on it. And this will definitely make everything to stay on schedule and under budget. In fact, a project without a manager is like a house without a roof.

Public Speaking
Public Speaking is another unique skill that companies are constantly looking for. Organizations recruit people with these skills to tell motivating and inspiring stories with their voice in ways written words can’t. They can tell an interesting story about a product or service that will persuade buyers to patronize their company.

Sales is among the skills you need to land your dream job. Salesmen that are very skilled and proactive are in high demand. They can work for most blue chips companies and other organizations with juicy salary structure. If you master the art of selling, you will definitely be an icon in the industry you serve. Sales has become an important department in every organization in the 21st century. Thus, people who study engineering and other courses are now building career in sales. Also, we now have sales engineers. These are engineering professionals with sales skill to market their company’s products and services. Some of the sales skills you need to master are; product knowledge, strategic prospecting, active listening etc.

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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing professionals are the big boys in most industries now. Companies are constantly in need of these experts. Furthermore, they help to reach out with customers using popular platforms like Facebook ads, Google Ads and email marketing. Their job is to create awareness about their company, its products as well as services using social media and other reliable platforms. So, digital marketing is among the skills you need to land your dream job.

The above are the top 8 skills you need to land your dream job. As a graduate, serving corp members and those seeking for jobs, these skills will help you.

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