www.npower.gov.ng | How to Log Into Your N-Power Account Fast

www.npower.gov.ng | How to Log Into Your N-Power Account Fast

If you are an N-Power Applicant, Beneficiary or Volunteer. It’s important you learn how to use Npower Nigeria Websites like www.npower.gov.ng.

Many Candidates encounter a problem with the N-Power Programme, just because they are not familiar with the websites, don’t wait until you need to do something on either of the Npower websites like www.npower.gov.ng or npvn.npower.gov.ng.

Start visiting these portals daily until you get very used to them.

The Instructions here are for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 NPower Participants, People that started following Npower programme since 2016 are also welcomed to login – www.npower.gov.ng

How to Successfully To Your Npower Account | Npower Login Portal – www.npower.gov.ng

In this article, we going to show you detailed steps to login to your Npower Login Portal account through the official website – www.npower.gov.ng or www.portal.npower.gov.ng. Whether you’re registering for assessment or want to check your application status at Npower Portal, you can view all these on the official websites.


Already you know that Npower application for 2018/2019 session has ended over and the first batch of successful candidates is out. You can check online via the Npower official website to see whether your name was shortlisted. While the next batch of successful candidates will be released soon at the Npower Portal. So, you are to exercise some patience if your name is not in the first batch.

However, you can always login to the Npower Login Portal through your account to either edit your account details, enrol for the assessment test, or check your application status through the simple guide in this article. We have received a lot of questions on how one can login to their account and our aim in this article is to show you how to login to your Npower Login Portal account and perform necessary activities therein.

How to Successfully Login To Your Npower Account | Npower Login Portal

Without wasting more time, let’s quickly get down to the main business of the day which is how to login to Npower through the official website. Here you are going to learn how to login to your account in order to write the Npower assessment test. The steps include;

  1. Head over to the Npower recruitment portal via http://www.npower.gov.ng/
  2. Click on the ‘Test’ tab at the top right corner of the home page
  3. Then enter your login details. Use your Phone Number as Username and your BVN as Password
  4. Next tap on the login link there to proceed with the test. That’s that for this!

How To Login To Your Npower Account And Edit Your Profile

The final thing we want to look into before we leave this page is how to edit your profile on the Npower official portal. This is done through the NPVN website, which is also an official website for Npower Login Portal. The steps involved in doing this include;

  1. Visit NPVN portal through www.npvn.npower.gov.ng
  2. From the main navigation panel at the left side of the screen, select the option ‘My Profile’ to continue
  3. Next, you will see the option for ‘Personal Information’ and ‘Bank Information’. Select any of the two according to what you want to do and continue
  4. Edit your name, bank information or other details and save your changes on the portal
  5. After effecting the changes, tap on the ‘Update Account’ on the page to complete the steps here. That’s all!

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  1. Good Day Sir/Ma,

    Thanks and God bless npower crew, amen.

    Please sir/ma, kindly help me with the following:

    1) To impute my middle name which was omitted: ESTHER.
    2) To impute my bank name which was omitted: Eco Bank.
    3) To impute my bank account number which was omitted: 5701016825.
    4) To know and imput my Npower ID.

    Please……………………………………….. help me wit the above.

    Please help me…………………I have tried severally without positive changes.

    I remain loyal sir/ma.

    God bless this vision and all behind the vision, amen.

  2. Good day Sir/Ma,

    Please……………………kindly help me wit:

    1) To impute my npower ID which was omitted, so that, i will know it.
    2) To impute my middle name which was omitted: ESTHER
    3) To impute my bank name which was omitted: Eco bank.
    4) To impute my bank account number which was omitted:

    Please…………………………………sir/ma, help me. God bless you, amen.

  3. Good day sir/ma,it is my prayer that ‘God will bless our president,npowerand all the staff that are behind the successfulness of this n power programme,amen.pls l have been facing alot of problem on how to edit and imput my full name and bank details to my account ,i have send several comments pls,help me to imput all my details before it is too late.My full name is AWE FOLASADE CAROLINE not only AWE FOLASADE and my bank details which are,bank name:HERITAGE account name:AWE FOLASADE CAROLINE Account number:1912065898 pls help me God will help you all.

  4. pls sir /ma,i have not been paid while others has been paid due to the problem on the computer error that am facing for the past two month on full name and my bank account details i have try all my posible best with all your step &the guide line given to me on this site but the option for edit is not there and to get transport to work since july 31 up till now is not easy pls help me to include all my details to my profile .my full name is AWE FOLASADE CAROLINE my account number:1912065898 bank name:HERITAGE account name:AWE FOLASADE CAROLINE pls help me ,GOD will help you all amen thanks

  5. Good day sir/madam.
    I am Ebi Francis, N-POWER build student @ Ofagbe Technical College, Ofagbe, delta state. I’ve not received any stipends since match. Please what should I do? Thanks a lot.

  6. Gud evening,please they have not paying me my October salary up till now,my name is salaudeen sukutat bolanle nteach kaduna

  7. Good evening, I am batch B supplementary which I reported to my primary assignment on 19-12-18 but up till date yet to see my stipends , my name is Grace Mofoluwake Taiwo N-teacher, thanks Sir.

  8. Pls i lost the number I used for registration … Am pleading you can get me now with the following number 07067793836 from okeke uju felicia

  9. Please,. i wish to inform you that i unknowingly ignored the survey application meant to be submitted on the 25th July. My reasons are that i feared that internet fraudsters were at work.
    It is not in my character to ignore important messages like that. I there a way i can have it back so as to fill it? My previous effort was met with portal closure. Thanks in anticipation of your guidance.

  10. d sim dat i used to apply for ncreative 2016 08021279809 have been lost pls u can notify me thru 08081837667.

  11. pls my phone was lost and I was unable to retrieve the Line I used for registration pls can u kindly notify me with this number 08068422728 I will b so great full.


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