Public Service Commission Jobs | Public Service Commission Application Form

Public Service Commission Jobs | Public Service Commission Application Form

Originally known as Civil Service Commission of Kenya before it was renamed in 1963. Kenya Public Service Commission has been an integral part of the smooth management of the country’s workforce. It has also been able to employ many eligible Kenyans into different positions which have helped to boost the economic growth of the Country.

To strengthen their workforce the Kenya Government has commenced the recruitment for the available Kenya Public Service Commission Jobs in the country. The information available to us hints that if you have an interest in Kenya Government Jobs, Public Service Commission Internships, National Government Jobs in Kenya or how to access Kenya Government Public Service Commission login page then you should use this opportunity and get employed.

Available Public Service Commission Jobs in Kenya

Job Title: Director

Job Location: Nairobi

Job Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

Conditions for the Position Director at Public Service Commission

  • Applicants must be Masters Degree holders in Environmental Science or Natural Resources related field.
  • For this very Kenya Government Job recruitment, officials are demanding nothing less than 15 years of experience in a similar field.
  • A good part of this Public Service Commission Job in Kenya will involve fieldwork and formulation of policies for environmental protection, therefore, ensure you are equal to the task before obtaining the Public Service Application Form for this position.
  • You are also welcomed to apply if you have done Public Service Commission Internships in Environmental Science before.

Job Title: Secretary

Job Location: Nairobi

Job Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

Requirements for the Position of Secretary in Kenya Public Service Job

  • Kenya Public service commission vacancies for Secretaries are only for graduates of Environmental Science and Management.
  • Because this is among the best-paying Jobs in Kenya you would also be required to have your certificate to qualify.
  • If you have done Administrative assistant Jobs in Kenya, then you are most welcome to apply.
  • Kenya Public Service Commission Application form for this position is for only eligible Kenya citizens.

Job Field: Climate Change Officer

Job Location: Nairobi

Job Title: Government Agencies / Public Sector

What is expected of Climate Change Officer at Public Service Commission

  • Ensure that you have your before you visit the Public Service Commission login page to apply for this position.
  • This Job just like other Jobs is all National Government Jobs in Kenya therefore it is not restricted to any region in the country all eligible persons can apply.
  • certificate would also be required due to how highly professional this Public Service Commission Job.
  • From what we gathered, Applicants would be made to go through a recruitment test that will determine those that will make the final Public Service Commission Candidates shortlist.
  • Experience from climate NGO Jobs in Nairobi or similar Jobs in Nairobi would be essential for this recruitment.

How to Apply for a Job at Kenya Public Service Commission

  1. Apply via the recruitment portal

    Interested Persons that have gone through the recruitment requirements and wish to apply should proceed to the recruitment portal and apply.

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