OPEC Recruitment 2019 | Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria 2019

OPEC Recruitment 2019 | Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria 2019

Since its establishment, the Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has been so instrumental towards the stabilization of international oil prices and maintaining best marker practices. With its international market policies on oil, it has been able to get a common and united ground for member nations towards improved stability and better output in member nations of the world.

The Apply for a Job team is happy to announce that OPEC Recruitment 2019 has started. With Oil and Gas Jobs being the most sought after Job in the country we believe that these Jobs at OPEC will interest those on the lookout for Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria 2019, Renewable Energy Jobs, International Jobs in Nigeria, OPEC oversea Jobs or Data Analyst Jobs in Oil Companies

Available Vacancies at OPEC Plus Requirements

Job Title: Energy Models Analyst

Job Location: Nigeria

Job Field: Oil & Gas / Energy

Requirements for Energy Models Analyst Job at this OPEC Recruitment 2019

  • OPEC is looking for an experienced Energy Analyst that will help in research and analysis of new developments in the Oil and Gas industry and how it affects OPEC.
  • This is a highly sensitive and professional Job, therefore those with deep specializations in Renewable Energy Jobs or Oil Consultancy Jobs in Nigeria appears to be the most qualified.
  • The OPEC Recruitment 2019 team is demanding a minimum of B.Sc certificate in Economics, Maths or Statistics from Applicants for this Oil and Gas Job in Nigeria 2019.
  • Masters Degree Holders are the ones that stand a better chance of getting this Graduate Job in Nigeria at OPEC as disclosed by the recruitment team.
  • If you can forecast and analyze the world energy demand circle and also have experience from doing similar International Jobs in Nigeria. Then, you are most welcome to apply this Oil and Gas Job in Nigeria 2019.
  • Good analytical and excellent customer engagement skills are core requirements for this job that’s available at this ongoing OPEC Recruitment 2019.

Job Title: Oil Demand Analyst

Job Location: Nigeria

Job Field: Oil & Gas / Energy

Requirements for Oil Demand Analyst Job at OPEC

  • The successful candidate for this position will aid the organization in identifying the best market strategies and new developments in the Oil industry to improve productivity and stability in member nations.
  • OPEC Jobs are among the Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria, therefore to qualify, one is expected to have all the necessary professional experience and certification.
  • In another disclosure made by the OPEC Recruitment 2019 team, Applicants who have advanced experience obtained from doing Data analyst Jobs and also good in analyzing Economics of the International Oil Market are the most qualified for this Job.
  • This Oil and Gas Job in Nigeria 2019 is for Graduates. However, OPEC made it clear that Masters Degree Holders in Economics, Finance or Energy Economics are the most preferred choice of candidates.
  • At least 6 years experience gotten from doing OPEC overseas Jobs or similar Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry is a prerequisite for this Job.
  • Integrity and diligence to work are also non-negotiable traits expected from Candidates for OPEC Recruitment 2019.

How to Apply for a Job at OPEC

  1. Apply via the Organization’s recruitment portal

    Applicants who have read the requirements for these Jobs and are interested in any of the vacancies should fill up the Application Form which can be obtained from the office of their OPEC country’s Governor or by clicking HERE to download it online. Then, proceed to the address below and submit the Application along with their CVs.

    Non-Nigerian Applicants should click HERE to see their Country’s OPEC Governor’s Office address.

    NOTE: This OPEC Recruitment 2019 is only for Citizens of OPEC Member Nations.

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