NYSC Senate List 2019 | NYSC Mobilization List 2019

NYSC Senate List 2019 | NYSC Mobilization List 2019

Yesterday we released information regarding NYSC registration 2019 and how best to go about it which, we detailed properly for clear and easy understanding. We also promised to come back with more information when we gather any.

Today, we would be looking at the issue of NYSC Senate list 2019, NYSC Mobilization list 2019, list of Universities for NYSC, How to reduce the age for NYSC, when NYSC portal 2019 will close along with other NYSC Mobilization issues.

What you Should Know about NYSC Senate List 2019

  • If your school appeared to be among the list of Universities for NYSC then they are the ones to submit the NYSC Mobilization list to the school senate.
  • Prospective corp members that want to make inquiries about when NYSC portal will close or other issues about NYSC Senate list 2019 should visit the website to send in an Inquiry.
  • 3 main programs are contained in the Senate list portal 2019 and they are Monotechnics (Colleges), Polytechnics and Universities. Your certificate must fall into either of these lists for you to proceed with registration.
  • In the event of you having name error issues or the issue of how to reduce the age for NYSC, it’s important you visit or write to the directorate about it.
  • Uploaded names for NYSC mobilization list 2019 doesn’t appear immediately it’s uploaded, it takes some time, so continue refreshing the website if you are yet to see updated names.
  • NYSC 2019 batch C, B and A can all be confirmed in the portal.
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How to check up NYSC Senate List 2019

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  1. Check through NYSC Senate list portal

    Prospective Corp Members (PCM) should visit NYSC senate list portal portal.nysc.org.ng and enter the required details to verify their name.

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