NYSC Registration 2019 | NYSC Latest News Update Today

NYSC Registration 2019 | NYSC Latest News Update Today

It is yet another time of the year when listed prospective corp members throng business centres and cyber cafes to register for the one-year compulsory service to fatherland and as usual, there are always lots of questions regarding how best to go about their NYSC registration.

On NYSC latest news update today, we would be looking at how to avoid mistakes during your NYSC registration 2019, how to resolve NYSC login problem, where to see a sample of NYSC registration form, documents needed for NYSC camp, latest news on NYSC allowance among many other issues we would be touching.

What You Should know about NYSC Registration 2019

  • We advise that before you proceed for this NYSC registration, it is very important you confirm that your school is among the list of Universities for NYSC registration 2019 and that your name appeared among the list to avoid wasting your money or falling for scammers.
  • The officials in charge will not allow a non-verified graduate into NYSC orientation camp, therefore, make sure you have resolved all your NYSC login problems before leaving for camp.
  • Your age, degree grade, course of study and all documents needed for NYSC camp must correspond with the information you provided in the NYSC registration portal for you to have a successful accreditation at the camp.
  • Still on the NYSC latest news update today, we also discovered that in event of you not liking the place you were posted the corp member reserve the right to write to the directorate for change of PPA (Place of Primary Assignment).
  • We also have the question of ” I missed NYSC camp what do I do? ” Please in cases like this we advise you write to the authorities at NYSC or ask ex-corpers that had the same issues to know how they resolved the problem.
  • We also recommend you make use of accredited and reputable business centres or cyber cafes for NYSC registration 2019 to avoid having problems as a result of amateurs handling your registration.
  • A sample of NYSC registration form can be obtained in any of the registration centres or from the NYSC website.
  • Remember, impersonation during the service year is a criminal offence and will lead to your NYSC certificate being withdrawn among many other penalties that go with it.
  • We also discovered in another NYSC latest news update today, that personal effects and clothing that you will be needing in the camp are expensive inside camp, therefore we advise prospective corp members to buy all they would need before departing for camp to save them unnecessary expenses.
  • Any latest news on NYSC allowance would be communicated to corp members in the camp.
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How to begin NYSC registration 2019

  1. Register by visiting NYSC registration portal

    Prospective corp members listed for NYSC registration 2019 should visit the registration portal www.portal.nysc.org.ng or visit the nearest Business centre or Cybercafe to begin their registration.

    For more information visit www.nysc.gov.ng

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