NDLEA Screening Date | NDLEA Aptitude Test 2019

NDLEA Screening Date | NDLEA Aptitude Test 2019

If you applied for NDLEA Jobs during the most recent NDLEA recruitment 2019 then we have some information that will interest you. Before we proceed, the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is the foremost body charged with the duty of getting rid of harmful drug substances in the country. The Agency’s Jobs are mainly to enforce drug laws and bring the culprit to book.

After the NDLEA recruitment 2019, a good number of Applicants have been reaching out to us to know NDLEA screening date and also the venues for NDLEA Aptitude test 2019. It will also interest you to know that we also have the latest news on NDLEA recruitment shortlist and also show you how to obtain NDLEA aptitude test past questions along with other NDLEA recruitment news.

We will make clear all the details that Applicants need to know concerning the NDLEA screening date along with the latest NDLEA recruitment news. Ensure you read the details below for better understanding.

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All You Need to Know Concerning NDLEA Screening Date and Aptitude Test

  • The Screening from what we gathered so far appears to be the last recruitment phase before the commencement of NDLEA training.
  • It is important you make sure that the details provided in your NDLEA recruitment form corresponds with the documents you will provide at the NDLEA Aptitude test 2019 venue to avoid disqualification.
  • Sources close to the Agency briefed us that NDLEA recruitment date would be the same for all the Aptitude test 2019 venues all over the Federation.
  • We had some people making inquiries asking ”how long does NDLEA training last?” every detail relating to NDLEA training can be seen in NDLEA recruitment website, so, visit the website to know more about it.
  • NDLEA recruitment shortlist of successful candidates would be drafted from all the states of the Federation to allow for equal representation of all regions.
  • As NDLEA Screening date draws nearer we advise Applicants to obtain NDLEA aptitude test past questions because it will help in the preparation for this Paramilitary recruitment exam.
  • The Apply for a Job team can help you obtain NDLEA aptitude test past questions, kindly leave a comment below for us to reach out to you.
  • For more information relating to NDLEA Screening date, subscribe to our Newsletter here at Apply for a Job and also frequent NDLEA recruitment website for more updates.

Eligibility / Requirements for NDLEA Screening

  • Ensure your details have been successfully validated in NDLEA recruitment portal before you leave your house on NDLEA screening date.
  • A valid means of identification stating you are a Nigerian is mandatory as part of NDLEA recruitment requirements.
  • Along with other requirements stated in the recruitment portal, it is very important you make your NYSC discharge certificate available while coming.
  • Without your NDLEA login details, you cannot take part in the screening, so write it down somewhere if you cannot memorize it.

How to get Screened for NDLEA Recruitment

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  1. Get screened via the recruitment portal at the venue

    The NDLEA screening date has not been announced but there are clear indications that is will soon be announced. Visit the recruitment website www.emplug.com to get your details updated.

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