Job Vacancies in Nakuru 2020 | Nakuru County Government Job 2020

Job Vacancies in Nakuru 2020 | Nakuru County Government Job

The Nakuru county is one of the regions in Kenya that has stood out over the years in economic development, Tourism, Health, and Education.

We are delighted to inform our esteemed readers and followers that, recruitment for Community Health Jobs in Nakuru County has commenced. These vacancies we believe will interest those looking for Nakuru county assembly Jobs, Nakuru county Government Job 2020, Nursing Jobs in Nakuru 2020 or how to apply for Nakuru County Public service board 2020 Jobs.

Available Jobs in Nakuru Plus Requirements

Job Title: Nephrologist

Job Location: Kenya, Nakuru

Job Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

Requirements for the Position of Nephrologist in Nakuru County Government

  • The Call to apply for this very Nakuru County Government Job 2020 is only open to Graduates of Medicine and Surgery.
  • This position is a highly professional medical Job that is why Masters Degree is mandatory for anybody applying.
  • Similar to other Community Health Jobs in Nakuru County, this job requires one to have obtained a license to practice Medical Jobs in Kenya.
  • A minimum of six years of experience in Health management Jobs in Kenya or in similar Kenya Jobs in Nakuru.

Job Title: Pharmacist

Job Location: Kenya, Nakuru

Job Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

Eligibility / Requirements for the position of Pharmacist in Nakuru County

  • Ensure you have obtained your Pharmaceutical studies degree before applying for this latest Pharmaceutical Job in Kenya 2020 at Nakuru County.
  • This is among the medical Job vacancies in Nakuru 2020 that requires Applicants to be members of professional bodies related to the job they are applying.
  • You don’t have much chance of being among the Nakuru County shortlisted candidates for this job if you don’t have at least 1-year internship experience in Pharmaceutical practice.
  • Diligence and devotion to work is an important trait expected of Applicants for this Nakuru County Government work.

Job Title: Ambulance Operator

Job Location: Kenya, Nakuru

Job Field: Government Agencies / Public Sector

Conditions for the Position of Ambulance Operator in Nakuru County

  • Just like all other Driving Job Vacancies in Nakuru 2020, Applicants must have their valid driver’s license before applying for this position.
  • The Job is among the Casual Jobs in Nakuru that Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education can secure for you.
  • You must get a recommendation of good conduct from Kenya Police before you can get this Nakuru County Government Job 2020.
  • Only those that passed the test drive will stand the chance of being among Nakuru county shortlisted candidates for this driving Job in Kenya.
  • If you have held transport and logistics positions in Nakuru County Assembly Jobs then you can fit in perfectly in this Job.

How to Apply for a Job at Nakuru County Government

  1. Apply via the recruitment portal

    Applicants that have gone through the recruitment requirements for this Job and wish to apply should proceed to the recruitment portal and apply.

    Interested Persons should know they can always visit this Nakuru County Government in order to see their latest jobs and more.

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