ExxonMobil Nigeria Recruitment 2019 | ExxonMobil Recruitment Portal

ExxonMobil Nigeria Recruitment 2019 | ExxonMobil Recruitment Portal

Exxon Mobil Corporation is a subsidiary of Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited. They have a long-standing reputation in the Oil and Gas sector which makes them reliable and outstanding in Nigeria’s Upstream sector. ExxonMobil also contributes a good quota to Nigeria’s GDP along with many career opportunities it provides Nigerians.

Currently, ExxonMobil Nigeria Recruitment 2019 has started for interested persons. We at Apply for a Job believe this recruitment will interest those on the regular search for Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria, Jobs in oil companies, ExxonMobil Nigeria careers options, HR Jobs in Lagos or how ExxonMobil recruitment process works.

Job Title: HR Analyst

Job Location: Nigeria ( Akwa Ibom, Lagos)

Job Field: Oil & Gas / Energy

Why You Should Apply for ExxonMobil Nigeria Recruitment 2019

  • ExxonMobil is an equal opportunity employer, therefore Applicants that don’t have a contact in the company are assured of no bias during ExxonMobil Recruitment process.
  • Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria are like hot cake, anybody that lands this Job at ExxonMobil is sure to have gotten a dream Job.
  • ExxonMobil works with world-class professionals and business analysts the platform this Job present will expose one to gain from the experiences of expatriates and also get to know the best international practices in business.
  • Jobs in Oil Companies don’t just pay the highest their salaries and wages are also paid promptly.
  • Apart from providing the best convenient environment for one to work from they also offer one of the best welfare packages and work incentive for workers.
  • ExxonMobil also rewards hard work which comes in the form of Promotions, Vacations, Cash rewards e.t.c to most outstanding staff.
  • With many available ExxonMobil Nigeria career options, there is definitely something for anyone that intends to pursue any career with ExxonMobil.

Requirements for the position of HR Analyst at ExxonMobil

  • Applicants must be University graduates of Human Resources studies or its equivalent before visiting ExxonMobil recruitment portal to apply.
  • ExxonMobil Nigeria recruitment team also disclosed that this is an Oil and Gas Job in Nigeria for fresh graduates Applicants are required to have little or no experience to qualify.
  • Membership of relevant HR professional bodies is a non-negotiable requirement for this Job at the ongoing ExxonMobil Nigeria recruitment 2019.
  • If you have work experience obtained from doing HR Jobs in Lagos or in a similar field you are welcome to apply for this Job at the ongoing ExxonMobil Nigeria Recruitment 2019.
  • Furthermore, Candidates should note that it is compulsory for them to have their NYSC discharge certificate before visiting ExxonMobil recruitment portal to apply for this position.
  • This position is among the latest Job vacancies in Lagos that will involve constant movement. Applicants are required to be those that can adapt to an ever-changing work environment.

How to Apply for a Job at ExxonMobil Nigeria

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  1. Apply via the company’s recruitment portal

    Candidates who have read the recruitment requirements and wishes to apply should proceed to ExxonMobil recruitment portal www.jobs.exxonmobil.com and apply

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