Data Analyst Jobs in Lagos | Latest Job Vacancies in Lagos

Data Analyst Jobs in Lagos | Latest Job Vacancies in Lagos

A financial Tech Company Transsnet that is into providing financial solutions for easy transactions online is currently recruiting in Lagos.

This Financial Tech company is currently recruiting for the position of Data Analyst in its firm. Anybody searching for Data Analyst Jobs in Lagos, Financial firm Jobs, Financial Tech Jobs in Lagos, companies currently recruiting in Lagos etc are called to apply.

The Apply for a Job team has also compiled data analyst Job description for interested Persons. Please read through it thoroughly before applying for this Job.

Description of This Data Analyst Job at Transsnet Financial

  • Data analyst Job description cannot be complete without mentioning the act of keeping and analyzing data for effective service delivery.
  • Anybody working as a data analyst is charged with the duty of transforming data into understandable threads of information and relating it appropriately to the proper channels
  • This Job connotes the process of filtering information in a computer and identifying when there is a system error or if a computer is at risk of breakdown.
  • Management and creation of the company’s Databases and information channels are core areas of this Job.
  • An integral part of this Job is identifying when the company’s cyberspace is under attack and implement the best ways to caution the effect and stop it.
  • Data analysts are the ones that use information gathered from the industry to develop a good business model for the company.

Requirements for This Data Analyst Job In Lagos

Job Title: Data Analyst

Job Location: Lagos

Job Field: Information Technology / ICT

  • The first requirement for this Job is multi-tasking ability and prompt delivery of assigned duties.
  • For this Financial Tech Job, Applicants must be familiar with financial models and how it relates to data analysis.
  • Transsnet Financial will only give room for innovative and creative minds for this Financial Tech Job in Lagos.
  • Ability to identify loopholes that might threaten the company’s activities and cyber security is required from Applicants.
  • Data analysts Job is one of the Latest Job vacancies in Lagos that requires Candidates to be highly conscious of data and how best to solve financial problems with it.
  • With a salary of N100,000 monthly, this is definitely one of the highest paying Tech Jobs in Nigeria, nothing short of zeal and commitment to work is expected from Candidates.
  • With new innovations flooding the Tech and Financial industry, Interested analysts must have updated and firsthand information of what is currently trending in the Financial tech field.
  • As one of the highest paying tech Jobs, Candidates applying for this role are expected to have acquired a certain level of experience in the Financial Technology sector.
  • Data analysts Jobs in Lagos are very competitive. Therefore one must have vast and sound knowledge of data interpretation and data analytics to scale through during the Job Interview.
  • This is one of the latest Job vacancies in Lagos where punctuality is not to be toyed with.
  • Companies currently recruiting in Lagos for this position requires Applicants to have advanced and professional knowledge of computer data use.

How to Apply for a Job as Data Analyst at Transsnet Financial

  1. Apply via the Company’s Recruitment Email Address

    Those that have read through and can meet up to the requirements for this Job should submit their Application with their CV attached to the firm’s recruitment email:

    Visit for more information.

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