Dangote Cement Jobs | Dangote Recruitment 2019

Dangote Cement Jobs | Dangote Recruitment 2019

Dangote Group is one of Africa’s largest conglomerates with interest in Cement production, foods, Agriculture, Household Consumables, Gas, Petroleum e.t.c. Dangote Group is credited to be one of the highest employers of labour in Africa and also contributes immensely to the Gross Domestic Product of Nigeria.

In their bid to add to their ever-growing professional work, the Dangote Recruitment 2019 has started in order for the company to employ people that will do some available Dangote cement Jobs. These Jobs we believe will interest those on the constant search for Dangote cement plant Jobs, vacancies in cement companies or those that search the internet with a phrase like Cement company Jobs near me.

This Dangote cement recruitment process will be thorough therefore it is important for Applicants to go through the requirements that are listed below by the Apply for a Job team before Applying.

List of this Dangote cement Jobs Plus Requirements

Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Job Location: Nigeria

Job Field: Production / Manufacturing

Requirements for the Job of Electrical Engineer at Dangote Cement Company

  • The Applicant must be someone with good leadership qualities because he/she would be leading a team of Engineers to handle and manage electrical issues in the company.
  • This Cement plant Job vacancy is strictly for University or Polytechnic Graduate of Electrical Engineering.
  • Most vacancies in cement companies require a certain level of experience, therefore this position at Dangote Cement Plc needs only Applicants with at least 10 years experience in doing cement plant Jobs to Apply.

Job Title: Laboratory Assistant

Job Location: Nigeria

Job Field: Production / Manufacturing

Dangote Cement Plc Requirements for Laboratory Assistant Role

  • Dangote Group is not just among the highest employers of labour in Nigeria, their Jobs are also among the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, therefore for anybody to earn this Job must have advanced knowledge of how to operate a chemical lab.
  • Nothing less than 5 years of experience is required from anybody applying for this position through this Dangote recruitment process.
  • This Position is among the latest OND Job vacancies in Nigeria because Dangote recruitment 2019 team disclosed that OND holders in Laboratory Technology and University Degree holders in chemistry are the ones that are eligible to apply.
  • Dangote cement Jobs in Nigeria are for diligent and trustworthy people, Applicants are however reminded to bear that in mind while visiting Dangote recruitment portal for this Job.
  • Vacancies in cement companies are very demanding, therefore, anyone that want to get this job should know that he or she will be expected to always be around when duty calls after securing this Job at the Dangote Group.

Job Title: Geologist/Mining Engineer

Job Location: Nigeria

Job Field: Production / Manufacturing

Requirements for Geologist/Mining Engineer Job at this Current Dangote Cement Recruitment 2019

  • The Dangote recruitment team is looking for someone with the geological wealth of experience needed to oversee the company’s mining activities in the assigned areas.
  • This Job is a highly professional one, however, only Masters Degree holders in Geology can apply.
  • It was also disclosed by Dangote Cement Plc that Applicants are required to have at least 10 years of experience in geology and mining before accessing Dangote recruitment portal to apply..
  • Accuracy and good analytical skill in the field of mining is an imperative requirement for this Dangote Job.

Job Title: Quality Assurance Manager

Job Location: Nigeria

Job Field: Production / Manufacturing

Requirements for Quality Assurance Manager Position at the Dangote Cement Plc

  • With the high level of competition in the cement sector, the Applicant for this Job must be someone that can supervise the cement production process and ensure that only products that meet up with international standards and also satisfy customers are produced from the plant.
  • If you have experience on how best to use raw materials to quality cement production, then this Dangote Cement Job is for you.
  • Interested persons must have advanced idea on how to use all the relevant tools needed before visiting the Dangote’s recruitment portal to Apply.
  • Ability to work in an ever-changing work environment is a core requirement at this Dangote nationwide recruitment.
  • Candidates are however reminded that though Masters Degree Holders that studied Chemistry are most welcomed to apply, Bachelor’s Degree Holders and Polytechnic Graduates of Chemistry can equally apply.

How to Apply for a Job at Dangote Cement Plc

  1. Apply via the company’s recruitment portal

    Every Interested person who meets the recruitment requirements for any of these Jobs should proceed to the company’s recruitment portal www.surveymonkey.com and apply for a position.

    Applicants should Download Dangote Group Job Test Past Questions and Answers because it would be useful for this Dangote recruitment process.

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