Apply for World Health Organisation (WHO) Internship Programe 2018/2019

Apply for World Health Organisation (WHO) Internship Programe 2018/2019

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is Inviting qualified Candidates to apply for Her Ongoing WHO Recruitment for Interns that are up to twenty years of age and also have a Bachelor’s Degree from the disciplines listed below that are relevant to WHO.

How to Apply for Internship at World Health Organisation (WHO) Online, Applicants that has the Academic Qualification and also meet other Requirements for this Internship Programe should Click here: to Apply.

World Health Organization (WHO) opens their call for internship program to enlarge your knowledge and experience in health sector, and to contribute to the public health improvement, Internship program is the time to explore yourself and to prepare your capacity for the future career path.

About WHO Internship Programe:

The objectives of the internship programme are to:

  • Provide a framework for assigning postgraduate students from diverse academic backgrounds to WHO programmes that can enhance their educational experience through practical assignments.
  • Expose students to the work of WHO.
  • Provide WHO programmes with input from students specializing in various fields. Most students are placed in health-related programmes, although other disciplines can be considered as appropriate such as communication, external relations or human resources.

The duration of WHO internships is between six to twenty four weeks depending on the needs of the WHO technical unit and the intern’s availability.

Eligibility for World Health Organisation (WHO) Internship Programe 2018:

To be qualified, you need to:

  • You are at least twenty years of age on the date of application.
  • You possess a first degree in a public health, medical or social field related to the technical work of WHO or a degree in a management-related or administrative field.
  • You are not related to a WHO staff member (e.g., son/daughter, brother/sister, or mother/father).
  • You are fluent at least in one of the working language of the office of assignment.
  • You have not previously participated in WHO’s Internship Programme.
  • You are enrolled in a course of study at a university or equivalent institution leading to a formal qualification (graduate or postgraduate) (applicants who have already graduated may also qualify for consideration provided that they start the internship within six months after completion of their formal qualification).
  • You have completed three years of full-time studies at a university or equivalent institution prior to commencing (bachelor’s level or equivalent) the assignment.

Candidates from across the world are invited to express interest in specific areas of work and organizational locations (regional offices, country offices or headquarters).

All applications should be made through the Global Vacancy Notice posted on the WHO Careers site using the WHO corporate recruitment system (Stellis).

How to Apply for World Health Organisation (WHO) Internship Program Online

Interested and Qualified Candidates Should Click here: to Apply

The vacancy notices are opened each year for six months at a time:

In  2018, the first global call for registration opens on 15 March (instead of January) and closes on 30 June.

Applications received for WHO Internships are made available to technical units globally for review all year round. You are welcome to apply at any time when the vacancy notice is open. A WHO technical unit can contact you at any time regarding an internship during the six months period when the Global Vacancy Notice is open. The period of time for the review of applications is, therefore, indeterminate. If you do not hear from a WHO Technical Unit during the first round of openings, you are welcome to reapply during the second period as long as you still meet the eligibility requirement.

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