Andela Internship Program 2019 | Latest Andela Recruitment

Andela Internship Program 2019 | Latest Andela Recruitment

Andela Internship Program 2019 | Latest Andela Recruitment

With over 4 years and spanning in the business of software and human capital development. Andela is a company dedicated to bringing business solutions to companies while still building a team of strong-minded entrepreneurs.

With a presence in 5 African countries and headquartered in the United States, Andela has over the years been a preferred choice of companies looking for a way to build a strong team of software developers to provide faster and convenient business solutions.

The Apply for a job team in our quest to meet your yearning desire for job opportunities that meets your desire we are happy to announce to you that this multinational software development company, is currently recruiting for Internship Positions.

Job Title : Internship Program 2019

Location : Lagos, Nigeria

Job Field : Graduate Trainee in ICT/ Education / Training

Why You Should Apply for this Andela Internship Program (Recruitment) 2019

  • Andela fellowship will provide interns with the platform to link up with business leaders for efficient networking.
  • Andela Internship recruitment program duration varies from a period of 3 months to 1 year during which interns will be exposed to the endless possibilities in software and human development.
  • With a presence in over 5 African countries and headquartered in the United States be sure to travel around the world.
  • Andela Fellow Internship recruitment process is a step by step process that sees the individual advance from one skill to another.
  • Andela Founders are made up of 5 energetic young minds so there would be no age discrimination of any sort during recruitment.
  • Tasks would be set and different teams would be created to solve the task which allows for good team spirit at the organization.
  • There would be intensive learning and seminar sessions to equip Andela Interns wishing to pursue Andela Careers.
  • Interns that applied during the previous Fellowship cycle 39 confirmed to Apply for a job team that Andela Salary and Welfare packages are of a standard with a healthy working environment.
  • On the other hand, Applicants are advised to submit their applications not earlier than three months before the start of the program.

Requirements for this Andela Undergraduate and Graduate Trainee (Internship) Recruitment 2019

  • Andela Internship Program is strictly for University Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree Students.
  • Applicants must present a recommendation letter from their institutions to qualify for this latest Andela fellowship.
  • Applicants wishing to start their careers at Andela must be ready to adhere to the tenets and principles that guide the organization to qualify for the Internship Program.
  • The ability to adapt to a new learning environment would be leverage for applicants at Andela Internship recruitment Program 2019.
  • Graduates and Undergraduates that have been wanting to get more details of Andela cycle, Andela careers, Andela Founders or Andela Salary, are advised to Apply for this Internship Program 2019.

How to Apply for a job at Andela Graduate Internship Program 2019

  1. Apply online on the Company’s Recruitment Portal

    Interested Applicants that meet the required qualifications for this Andela Graduate Trainee Program are to Apply Online HERE.

    Interested Applicants for this Undergraduate and Graduate trainee program are to create an account with the company’s recruitment portal to fill the application form. however, if you already have an account you would be required to provide login details for Andela recruitment process.

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